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50mm 4 Part Grinder?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jetlife92, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Looks like a good grinder. 2 inches is fine. That's what I use.
  2. Depends how much you want to grind at once.

    I have the Mendo Mulcher 3inch! It's huge, but it's able to grind a 1/4 for when you wanna roll a few ahead or prep a bho run ;0)

  3. i've read that metal shards come of these types of grinders easily?
  4. Yeah the cheaper 'alloys' aren't really strong.. They are more made of a softer aluminium that does shave itself, if the teeth interfere with each other.
  5. shit...i really don't wana spend £20 on a grinder

    do you reckon that product i posted fits that description?

    thanks for the replies btw guys
  6. I would stick to a named brand as they often 'are' what they say they are. Spyral grinders are good and relatively cheap.
    Tho in saying that.. I have a 40mm Sharpstone 4piece that ripped 3 teeth off and ground the shavings into my 1/2g that I had to dump :( .. Lucky it was only a lil bit- but I learnt not to over fill wit rock hard nugs lol!
    That grinder looks ok- hard to say tho if it is made of alloy or straight up 'soft' aluminium- the teeth won't stay sharp either.
    By the time you but a cpl of cheapies.. You could have a decent one that will last you a very long time anyways.

    Stay with scissors till you save for a killer one.. Like a Mendo ;0) You won't look back!
  7. It doesnt look to osmall to me
  8. awww i really want a kief collecter :(
  9. You can still collect kief.. Have you seen a kief box? Just a timber box with a screen..

    Still, try for a better quality (not made in china) grinder- you should be fine (no pun intended ;0) )

    They are about- just that there are a shit load of inferior ones too. We don't want ANY aluminium kief!!!! NOT good at all!! Your health is more important mate.
  10. yeah true mate...I'm gonna try my local headshop now :D

    thanks a lot dude

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