50l pot/6 weeks veg/400w hps/yeild guess?

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    i know its really hard to guess a yeild of a plant but ill ask anyway,i just transplanted this indica lemon cheese clone into a 100l box(around 60l of soil) ,it has been veging for 6 weeks under a 400w hps ,i have been feeding bio grow from the start and its been on full strenth nutes for around 2-3 weeks ( 4ml bio grow per liter of warter every 2nd/3rd day ,i will use the bio grow all the way thu and start adding bio bloom in the next few day ,today will be the start of 12/12 ,temps are sitting at around 82 in the grow closet ,i read that the longer the veg time and bigger the pot = bigger final yeild ,correct? any ideas what this plant can yeiled with all the info i have given ?







    here is a pic so you get some idea of the set up,thanks for any replys.:D

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  2. Only halfway filled with soil though. I'd play at 3-4 oz.
  3. its a 100l recycleing pot ,so half filled = 50l ,3-4 oz would be nice.
  4. in fact its more than half filled ,look at the line inside and you will its just about there ,just under 3/4 full the pot is ,i would say around 60l of soil have just been put in there.
  5. Oh ok my bad. Anyways yeah I'd say about that, depends if you scrog or just let it grow or do any training. I'd suggest some training while its still not too late to get her to pack on more bud sites.
  6. ok anything that will increase yeiled am willing to give a try ,if you could give me some ideas on how to train her i would be very greatfull ,thanks for your imput.
  7. would pulling all the side brances down with fishing line to open the centra of the plant up to get more light be any good? ill leave the main stem as it is?

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  8. bumb ,want to get here all done today if possbale so i can just relax and watch her grow.thanks.
  9. Would you not run a pretty major risk of cutting your plant if you LST with fishing line?
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    well i was thinking i could put soft sponge on the brances then sit the line on top of the sponge so its not directly siting on the parts i tie down
  11. That much soil I'd veg it for a while get it like 3-4 foot diameter
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    Hi everyone first post to the forum but long time grower and full time pot head lol.

    Regarding the thread personaly i would veg for a bit longer and get it to a decent size and just get in there as soon as the lights turn on and train it every day, no need to tie it all down if you expose new sprouts to the light each day your gonna bush that baby up and hopfuly get some new tops coming through not sure how this particular strain yields but with that much root space you should be able to do 4 oz+ good luck with it :smoking:
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    ok thanks alot for the reply ( a fellow uk,er here :D) this strain grows good imo as i have another 7 plants going ,ill hook up a link to the thread .
  14. o yes i also fimed the plant around 6 days ago ,its just a fun run with this plant to see how much yeild i can get with a big soil mass.
  15. With the amount of soil,and light you have.I would be expecting more than 4oz With the skunk genes
  16. Good work on fimming. I would not use fishing line. I have used pipe cleaner, twine (soft rope), zip ties, anything with a fatter diameter than fishing line because you want the pressure of pulling it to be spread so it doesn't choke the stem. LST is definitely a good idea, especially with a big tub like that. Pull it to all corners of the tub like you have drawn.

    It's very easy to just drill holes and use something to tie it down, even a roll of 14 gauge electrical wires works good. You will definitely be getting more light to lower level buds. Just be gentle and if you hear a stem break, put a splint on it and tape it up so it can still transfer juice. If its a complete break it won't heal but everything else will heal.
  17. Fluids are transferred on the outside of plants so as long as the "bark" is still intact it shoul keep living
  18. ok am going to do that now ,ill post some pics up in around 30mins or however long it takes me to tie down the stems ,thanks alot to all the people who helped me out here its a great forum and hopefully in the near future ill become a paid member :hello:.

    more comments and advise welcome .
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    ok done ,here are the before pics.

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