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505 Half oz pick up of Purp!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Stackeds, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    [​IMG][/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG]
    Clean nice long lasting high stay high:cool:
  2. shiiiiiit. looks good man.
  3. How's she smoke? :smoking:
  4. Looks alright
  5. lol... i though u had 252.5 ounces for a minute there
  6. Looks really good man enjoy!! how much did you pay for the half??
  7. Unique looking buds. Some novelty purp you got there

  8. Thanks man was a instant stoned :smoking:

    She smoke great stoned almost immediately clean smoke high as shit and no crash or burn out :smoking:

    your crazy man lets see your better looking purp?

    lol my bad thats the area code haha

    i paided 140 10 a g

    i thought so too in person its alittle bit darker but probably the best purp i have ever had, i had some GDP that was pretty kill but not as dark as this one
  9. Why does it have to be purp? I can show better though
  10. You lucky sumabitch lol smoke up! :)

    In public, I like to hold my pax up high in the air and scream "i have the powerr!!!"
  11. Holy guacamoly!
  12. Looks good , but for sum reason purp weed never really gets me that high.
  13. Anyone can do purple bud just turn the temps down. u guys apprentice tokers have some to learn

  14. The temperature is vastly turned down to get it that way. Decrease in potency for more money? Lol sounds like a waste to me. Ill stick to my white widow, sensi star, Cheesequake, agent orange, jacks cleaner, and other TGA strains
  15. There are lots of killer purp strains out there, too
  16. yeah last purp I got was not good. although that looks killer
  17. That's because there's nothing special about it. No offense to the OP, but that weed doesn't look very good. But it sure is purple.

    edit: after looking more closely it looks alright. But nothing special.
  18. you dont achieve purple only by turning the temps down...

    some plants have purple genetics.

    do you think bud like that might be higher in CBD content?
  19. whatsup with all the hate on purp?can we just admire the Purple weed its beautiful :D and the crystals on this purp is awesome i really like the color on it
  20. You're doing it wrong

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