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  1. starting my research for outdoor growing, going to be first year growing. 
    Been looking at gorilla seeds, "medi bomb #1" says average of "500g/m2" 
    my jaw dropped.  a fucking pound? honestly is this even possible for growing in fucking new jersey 

  2. So is this your first outdoor grow or first grow period?
  3. first period im a noob at growing dont hate on me, that seems relistic for like a 7ft plant in cali though lol 
  4. If you start at the beginning of the season, a lb per plant outdoor is very feasible, depending on the genetics.

    Indoors its a bit more challenging as you most likely arent vegging and flowering for as long as it would outdoors
  5. wow  :yay: that brightened up my night hearing that, was going to order a 5pack of seeds. hell ya thats going to be worth the months of waiting  :metal:
  6. Well there are many factors, some within your control (proper nutrients and such) and some not (the weather).

    Before you pull the trigger, try and find some grower reviews on the strain, to make sure the company isnt just providing a best case scenario, becausd it may have some phenos that get big and some that dont (dont despair though, some rare extremely low yielding phenos of basically every strain tend to be something special in potency)
    Wouldn't hate at all. Im fairly new myself. I know nothing about outdoor growing, but I would think to hit that kind of yield youre going to have to top or lst. Are you going in the ground or a pot?
  8. going to have to go with a pot so i can get some better soil even though thats going to limit my growth. 
  9. yes definitely going to look at alot of reviews/guides, i got till may so for sure got time to learn alot.
  10. Growing season starts in February, and ends in Late Oct/Early Nov for most strains, maybe in NJ with cold winters its better to start later I suppose, but that lost time will inversely impact your yield. Not that youll be concerned when you see all the bud you still get but still lol
    You should look into smart pots. 30 gallon or maybe even bigger. Check out organic super soil too. Great for the beginner. As long as you make the soil properly, you don't have to worry about ph, flushing, or take a chance at burning your plant from over feeding. Its what I started with and have had great results.
  12. A long season Sativa can get well over a pound.,,,
    Shouldn't he want to wait until the last frost date to put it outside? If hes in NJ, that's going to be months past February.
  14. I would also recommend making an organic super soil like chrontar said, I just didnt want to impose if you had your sights set on synthetic nutrients
    Thats why I said since he has to deal with colder winters waiting may be for the best
  15. ^ Ahh. Didn't see that part. Appoligies.
  16. ya with what the other guy said last frost is on average is first week of may according to plantmaps
  17. thanks for the tips man, now i know for indoor grows some people start in a small pot then change to a bigger one if im correct, with a big pot would i have to do that?
  18. oh my, glad to hear that considering i prefer sativas 
  19. That's called transplanting. People do it for a variety of reasons. Indoors, a lot of times its to save space on their veg. area. I wouldn't recommend germinating in your pot. There will be a lot of nutrients in there, and it could hurt the little seedling. I would recommend ( and this is just my personal way I do it, others may say different ) getting it started in a solo cup with some pro mix. Then, once its actually a little plant, not just a seedling, transplant into your mix.
  20. alright cool sounds simple enough. hopefully i dont kill it transfering to pot lmao 

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