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5000w Ebb N Gro Show Part II

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by SugarDaddie, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. Nice, looking foward to it and taking some pointers from ya bro! Thats a hell of a yield!:smoke:
  2. If i remember right you said you like 5.6 for Vegitative and 5.8 for Bloom? What is the pH range you like for cloning?
  3. I don't use any of them fancy ez cloner thingy's, just straight distilled water. with no PH adjustments, :eek:
  4. You use rockwool cubes right? You should do a tuturial on how you use rockwool, Im intrested because I tried it side by side with my ezcloner and the rockwool lost big time. I want to try cloning otherways then the ezcloner b/c its only a 30 site :confused:.
  5. [quote name='SugarDaddie']I don't use any of them fancy ez cloner thingy's, just straight distilled water. with no PH adjustments, :eek:[/QUOTE

    Poland springs out of the bottle has a ph of 6.1-6.2 Perfect for rooting/clones
  6. Any Growers in Bend Oregon? Check in, or PM me, I need some clones.
  7. hey:wave: im a fellow oregon grower in search of clones. ill pm if i get my hands on anything worth wild. should be getting some soon from a fellow medical grower i hope...
  8. What happened to your clones bro?
  9. nothing happened to them, they are still rooting, i'm just not pleased with the few genetics I have on hand, and don't feel like doing another "Seed" grow to find that Keeper of a Mom for future grows. it's time consuming. and a waste of time, and lumens.
  10. Heard I hope I get lucky with some good genetics but since this is my first grow Idk what to look for until its almost done.
  11. Bro update with some pics plz
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    And We're Off to the next Grow! pictured is 52 Blue Mystic clones. and 21 Pure Afghan Seed stock, direct from fields of Afghanistan, my buddy picked the seeds off the largest sweetest smelling bud ever.

    With that said, I am going to cross pollinate these afghan seeds with a Kick ass Black Jack that is not pictured, they are in my mom room. so it should make a good stable strain.

    Pic 1,2,3 is my main room, the girl you see in the back is a Super Silver haze that somehow managed to re-veg. I just kinda left her there to see what happens.

    Pic 4 is the Afghan Beans I just popped with 100% success rate, I wish seed banks had this success rate.

    Pic 5.6 is a home made snake I made for cleaning my ebb n flo tubing out. for those wondering, it's a 1/4 inch sewer snake, with the tip cut off. or grinded off, since it's near impossible to cut spring steel with a hack saw, and the brush tip came off a soft kitchen brush, and was twisted in to the core of the snake itself, where is stays put with out any way to secure it. works pretty damm good.

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  13. Im about dang time bro!!!!!!! I have been waiting patiently for some pics
  14. I've had a lot of stress and problems to deal with lately. I've should've had this going a month ago.:eek:
  15. Life can be a bitch some times...happy I made it in time for this one Sugar. Was thinking about hydro for patients and soil for personal.
  16. Admittedly, I prefer soil for personal use. did it for the longest time, got burnt out on hand watering them all the time, and hauling soil up and down the stairs. this is so much easier, 5 mins a day to do my add backs, 2 weeks to harvest everything, another week to process it. another week to clean up and start over.
  17. My bad, I didnt know. Just trying to motivate ya :hello:
  18. I am into 2 week of flowering and the plants have grown pretty big (almost 6 feet).

    But at the moment a couple of them seem to be having some sort of problems. The leaves are getting a bit light green and yellow between the darker green! What can cause this?

    I also have to keep using PH-, 2 times a day. Just a little bit every time. Is that normal? I thought it was supposed to stay stable.. At least when using 440L (116 gallons) resorvoir like I am! PH goes from 5.2 to 6 in like 12 hours (3 floods). I try to keep it at 5.3-5.9. EC is 1.9-2.2.
    I have changed the water completely 2 times and keep the water temp between 20-23c and the reservoir lid closed.

    You said earlier that the Rock wool is not supposed to get wet at all when using a ebb and flow system like I am. My rock wool cubes are getting 50% soaked every time there is a flood\drain.

    Please help! I am trying to figure out what is causing this, but it`s not easy when you are a first time grower like me:p
  19. Hey bro everything running smoothly? I have a question (like always lol) Do you still cure with those 4-5 gallon zip lock bags? If so where can I get them, I only ever see the 1 gal freezer bags. If not could you explain how you cure? I want some tasty smoke.

  20. I can't find them any more either, I keep looking for them, they must be discontinued. but they were made By Glad. I've also been using them space bags. and they work just as well, I imagine a large garbage bag would work just as well too.

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