5000w Ebb N Gro Show Part II

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    It appears my original post/thread got deleted for violating the rules of this forum, I offer my apologies to the Mods and owners of this website for doing so, as it wasn't my intention to circumvent or challenge those rules.

    I've taken the time to read the rules now, hopefully I will stay in compliance, and start a new thread.

    To those that followed my original thread, don't hate on the moderators for deleting my original thread, they were only doing their job. life goes on, and here is a new thread.

    With that said now, Onto the Show...

    I'm running 5k watts on light movers in 60 bucket Ebb N Gro system, using the lucas formula (0-8-16)

    Strain is a F2 cross I made from White Widow female pollinated by a AK-47 male.

    I've been a grower for 15+ years mainly using organic soils and nutes, and last year I switched to Hydro, as soil was becoming too much work and a pain in the ass to water all the time.

    Other info about my grow that got deleted, This grow is done in 2 rooms, the main room pictured in the replies below has 3k watts on light movers, there are 42 buckets in that room, the other room is right next to it (not pictured) and has another 18 buckets and 2 1k lights. all being fed from the same 55gal rez, because of this, the rez needs to be topped off daily, plants are supported by tomato cages cut down from 42 inches to 34 inches. and placed securely in the hydrotron medium while the girls are young, my veg times are around 4weeks before i flip them. I normally pull 11+lbs each run, trimming all that bud takes me about 10-14 days

    under the buckets is pond liner, stapled 4-5 inches up the wall, just in case of an "accidental flooding"
  2. Too bad,wanted to show someone your grow.
  3. look forward to this man.. you provide great info and it was a pleasure reading the old journal.

    thanks for being cool man!

  4. I still have my previous pics, so I'll post them again later tonight.
  5. Had to dig up my previous pics to show my grow in progress.

    here are my girls in week 4 of flowering

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  6. heres my girls in week 5 of flowering

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  7. Week 6 of flowering

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  8. Can you show pics of the bucket's?
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    here's some fresh new pics, taken just mins ago

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  10. this is what some of my 1oz buds look like from a previous grow :) different strain.

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  11. Looking real good man! I bet it's stinking pretty good at this point!
  12. it's stinking like a grape kool aid factory...once harvest starts then the stink really comes out.
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    Yea gotta be careful around here, too bad mods dropped the can on your old Thread. It was beautiful. I'm lovein the Multiflow , keep it up man. Thanks for shareing that dank knowledge.:D
    How is your ventilation rigged up? CFM?

    I'm Subscribed ,again.
  14. This is what i want to do with my life! im a small scale grower just to provide for myself but i really love it and want to do it for the rest of my life even if i go to jail. got any advice for me?
  15. I have TONS of advice, some of which you probably already know, But advice in this industry needs to be repeated and pounded in your head all the time so you don't get complacent.

    Don't tell your friends PERIOD! if you have a g/f, ditch the bitch, and stay single. a lot of growers have been busted cause a relationship has gone sour, I've had a few close calls in my early days and learned the hard way. Trust no one, but you will need a "Broker" and even then, your broker only needs to know you have a "supply connection" and keep it that way.

    Only keep a small circle of friends, and if they blaze, don't pull out large amounts (Jar Queens) keep it small and say hey, this is what i scored from a friend blah blah blah.... Don't hook up your friends, or they will become suspicious.

    back to girlfriends, they cannot be trusted (sorry ladies) they are vindictive and evil, and if they have kids and get in trouble because of their own stupidity, guess who they are gonna rat out so they can stay free with their kids?....the maternal instinct will fuck you every time..PERIOD! I know some women are gonna hate on me, but i don't care. it's just a bloody fact. to stay safe and off the radar you have to stay single, and only do FWB's and keep them at bay. don't get emotionally weak and let them in your private little. world. once you tell a girl, she will in turn confide that to a couple of her closest g/f's and so on and so forth until it lands in the ear of some self rightous bitch your g/f pissed off. girls just can't keep shit to themselves...they always have to tell some secret to another girl...it's genetics period!

    Blend in with your neighbors, be polite and friendly at all times, keep your home/lawn nice and clean at all times. but don't get close to them, lead the double life, it's hard at times, but necessary to stay off the radar if you want to remain free.

    drive a non-descript car, nothing fancy or flashy, free of stickers that show any type of affiliation with any type groups, this includes showing your love for your favorite bands. if you spend money on a lot of toys, ie boats, motorcycles, jet skis, etc, keep them at a storage facility. too many toys in the drive way will make people wonder, and also attracts the criminal element, which can give you a really bad day if the criminal element wants to hit your place and they get caught...then you get caught...

    Dress and blend in with everyone else, try not to dress gangsta style. blend in and look respectable.

    Don't turn up your car stereo and go "bumping" down the street. think before you act, will this draw attention to myself if I do this or that? think shit thru before doing it.

    Don't drink and drive.

    Have a real lawyer on retainer (at least 10K, 40-50k should cover a full trail) cause if you get popped, LE will confiscate all your $$$ leaving you with a public pretender.

    keep your grows under 5k watts. pay all your bills promptly and on time.

    keep a part time job to show a source of income, and love your job.

    if you have a lot of traffic to your home. cut it down.

    spend the dollars to keep odor issues in check at all times.

    understand you will have to make some "significant sacrafices" in your life and lifestyle if you want to do this as a living. it's a lonely life, but at least it's a life that gives you some freedoms, especailly in these economic times

    thats just some shit off the top of my head at the moment.

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    Just a weekly update on my beautiful bitches, they are plumping up, nothing impressive tho, and no purple is showing, I'm thinking I got confused and re-vegged the wrong mother. seeing as that *might* be the case, I suspect my normal yield will be negatively affected.

    just made 70 cuttings/clones last night of some Kush and Diesel for my next grow after I harvest these girls, my next grow will have some impressive looking buds

    so here we are with some new pics of my girls at day 52, pics were taken last night. if you compare them to my previous pics earlier in this thread, you'll see some missing colas, this is due to the fact they are getting heavy and flopping over on to their sides. you'll also see several of the colas leaning over as well. and since i have them packed in tightly, i can't get to them and tie them up, as the stems on this pheno type are weaker than others i have grown.

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  17. I know that room is stankin! Great job :smoking:
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    when is your expected harvest date? looks insane dude id love to be standing in the middle of that room smell must be insane
  19. The massacre starts Oct 20th, in a few days I'll start flushing them, projected yield for these girls should be around 9+lbs now that i realized i re-vegged the wrong mom for these cuttings :(

    this one doesn't stink like you thinkit would, it has a sweet grape smell..very nice aroma.

  20. Sounds good ill be tuned in for sure. This grow makes me so jelous you dont even no haha good work bro, shits flawless

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