5000k spectrum ok?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by rockout74, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I wanna do a cfl micro grow and I just bought four 23 watt cfl's at 5000k spectrum. I know it's not 6500k but is that alright for the vegetative state? Also I have two bulbs that are three way bulbs, meaning levels of brightness, in a standard ficture will it always be at the brightest setting?
  2. 5000k is fine for veg ive even seen it flower on 12/12 lol three way bulbs are normally halogen and should be avoided due to high watt req and high heat output
  3. ok sweet and pretty sure it's cfl. But yeah, would it be ok to have about 100 wats 2700 and anothor 50 at 5000k for three plants in flower?
  4. It might work, but it's not good.

    A 5000K CFL is peaking in the 580nm range; neither in the blue optimum for veg, nor the red optimum for flower; pretty much right in between the two.
  5. About those 3way bulbs, you get the middle #of watts without a 3way lamp. So if its 13/18/23 it would be using 18watts in a standard light fixture.
  6. Everyone here is so helpful. Alright well seems like all the lights I bought weren't optimal, which is what I'm aiming for. Maybe I'll return em in search for 6500k and higher wattage.

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