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  1. I am posting onbehalf of my friend, whenever he is on his account and attempts to view a post, he gets a 500 Internal Server Error on the page. When he logs out and refreshes the post, it works fine. When he logs into my account, it works fine, but his does not. Broweser isn't at play either. Cookies, tmp files, ect have been cleared on his computer. I have done some research and seen this is not a new problem to some posters on GC. Would love some insight on this.
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    But that thread is for problems with the GC shop no? Am I supposed to post in thread...it will be completly irrelevant if I do?

    nvm figured it out :p
  3. He sent you a PM with the information that the thread asked for. He can post from the GC app fine, but would really like to be able to post from his computer.
  4. My friend said he has not received any help for the problem or a reply yet. Going on 2 weeks now of not being able to post. If you guys don't know the problem could you at least acknoledge him? He has been trying to be patient about not bothering but its been 10 days now without a reply.
  5. Hello ,

    I didn't receive any PM regarding this thread

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