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500 an oz. for some Hindu????

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokaRazar, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. So my friend just bought 3 ounces of some Hindu Kush, and claims it is medical marijuana. He paid 500 an oz. for it. He won't believe me that he got ripped off royally.

    Now he's sittin around sellin' it for $25 a gram, $30 if he can swindle some newbs. An he's not sellin shit.

    Everybody's comin to me to get their bag of reggie for $15 an 1/8th, haha...
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    awesome dude you sell poopy dirt weed, thanks for sharing

    But last time some tool tried sellin me an ounce of good, he wanted 480, I couldn't help but smile and laugh in his face
  3. I have seen weed for that much. And if its that dank then $500 iis worth it.
    $15 an 1/8th? What are selling? MEXICAN brick SWAG ass weed?

  4. :rolleyes: if you say so...I'd pass personally. 375 limit for top notch right here
  5. I don't know what's worse. Overpaying for chronic, or messing around with schwag.

    You both lose.
  6. man both of u need to come sown to the BAY man. ul get weed better than dat hindu shit fo like 200 and an eight of da best weed of ur lie for bout 30.
  7. Theres only a few strains worth more the $400 an O, Anything Chemdog will pull $400 pretty easily, Super Nova will pull $500 easily, Afghani BullRider will pull $500+...if you can even find it. Hindu, thats $300 max.

    $15 an 1/8... :/ anyone complaining of headaches haha.
  8. 1) This has NOTHING to do with MMJ
    2) Discussing dealing?


  9. What's the point of this ?
  10. Bingo! :rolleyes:
  11. 500 is way to much i pay 200 for blueberry kush and etc where do you live tho because that matters alout.
  12. 500? Yeah godofganga420 is right... way too much. When I lived in WA, it was like 220, 250 at most for an oz of dank like hindu kush. Last time I smoked a bowl of the hindu, I got it for free... got smoked up by a generous friend :).
  13. dank is better then bunk.
    but never 500 an ounce.
  14. #14 dogoncouch, Feb 12, 2009
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    i get gravity and white widow for under 400 so 500 is insanely high. and he paid over 17 a gram. which is like over 30 for a half eigth. which is what he paid!... so obviously he got ripped off. he could probably make a little bit of money but 30 a g is way too much. he should be grateful to anyone who would consider paying 25 a g.. 20 a g makes him 560 dollars total and if he really is trying to make money.. i am not reccommending this!!, but if he pinch .1g off every bag that is like almost a $100 gain every .1g he pinchs off every bag. so if he weighs his bags .9 he has 31 bags and could sell 20 a g and make 620 total. or fill bags .8 and have 35 bags and sell 20 a g and make $700 total. so he could sell 25 a g for a legit bag and make $700 each oz. or sell .8 bags for 20 a g and make $700 an oz.

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