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$500-800 to spend on a bong so i should get a _________

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ogkushster, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. ok guys, i come to you all asking for some help. i'm starting to do some research now because i'm going to be in the market for a new SICK bong at the end of the summer to celebrate going back to college in the fall. i have (loosely) budgeted anywhere from $500-800 for the new beast. what in the world kind glass should i get.

    for some background, my bong history consists of a 24" DZL with a Tree perc and ice catcher and a 14" straight tube green label ROOR with ice catcher. i still have the DZL but sadly the roor is no longer in the picture. it was my friends and i had to return it after he let me borrow it for a semester.

    so now, what do you guys feel would be the best way to INVEST the new money. at first, i was sure i wanted one of the sick illadelphs with the condensed coils, but now im starting to reconsider. i've heard hurricanes, toro, roors, and all the big time brands suggested. now what does everything else think. whats the best way to get bang for my back from the tube to an ice catcher to everything.

    lets find me my new baby
  2. buy a 400 dollar bong, and buy like an ounce.
  3. The possibilities are endless, and it is all about preference. You could get a fine ROOR, illadelph coil condenser, Toro, and the new perc'd US TUBES on BFG look fresh as hell.

  4. This.
  5. you should get a brain, cause no bong is worth that much. spend 200 on the bong and buy an O of the finest bud around! I bet you'll be more happpy that way!:smoking:
  6. Right off the bat i would have to say Toro. But that seems like a lot for you short history, it would be a BAD investemt to just go out and spend 8 hundo on a sick bong that you might break if you already broke a cheap RooR, spend 3 or 4 hundred on a nice, roor, lux, or US Tube and buy a nice padded case by Vatra to protect your investment, and buy a case of beeline for like 20 bucks and some bottles of grunge off to keep it enjoyable and clean
  7. Completely agree
  8. Get a VOLCANO instead.....Vaporizer.........Its get you high as fuck and you use way less weed.
  9. wherd. then buy weed with leftovers :hello:

    hell you'd probably still have enough to get a nice ROOR as well:smoking:
  10. ^ Yea and then you could put the bag on the bong and take vapor bong hits!
  11. With a budget of $800 US, get onto the site and just go to town. Get a beaker bottom or straight tube, ashcatcher a few custom additions, a few different bowls, diffusing downstem and the hemp carry bag. I haven't seen the illadelph and US tubes bongs but RooR make awesome bongs that look awesome and work well.

  12. This^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!!!!

    This should be a no-brainer!
  13. Perc'd US tubes WTF!?!?!??!?!?!1:eek::eek::D:D
  14. I just love my RooR, best bucks I've ever spent on something to put weed in to smoke. ;)

    I've tried the Volcano ^^^... As well as many other vapes, but I cannot, for some strange reason, get as good a buzz with them as I can with good old glass bongs or pipes!

    Don't get me wrong, those who prefer vapes, I'm all for ya! Just don't work as well with me. I realize they are a whole different animal as far as the high goes, I guess I'm just an old fart, LOL! :D
  15. fuck a bong get a volcano
  16. buy 2 fkn nice bong and then a shitload of weed.
  17. a volcano vaporizer. trust me you wont regret it

  18. Ya, I thought so too....Shocked to see no one had posted it earlier.

  19. With that money, you should invest in a Volcano Vaporizer. You still get the party (multiple-user) ability minus the risk of dropping and breakking. Plus one of the cleanest highs known to man. This is coming from a blunt man. The Volcano is something serious though.
  20. 800$ on a bong is a waste of money. vaporizers are the way to go as everyone else is saying. the volcano has a solid reputation, but there are other great ones out there that get the job done just as well for a fraction of the cost.

    i would do this:
    1. buy a silver surfer vape (250$). it's very high quality, very reliable and comes with a 3 yr warranty. i have one and i LOVE it.
    2. buy an ounce of weed (say 300$)
    3. use the rest of the money (250$) for something non-weed related. use it pay rent, buy food, a new jacket or something useful you've always wanted and never quite had the money to buy.

    800$ on a single bong just is not worth it to me. i love smoking and getting high as much as the next guy, but i have to prioritize how much money it is i spend on my smoking aparati...

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