50 Ways to Celebrate Michelle Obama’s Birthday

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    Happy Michelle day America! So what are you going to do to celebrate Marie Antoinette, sorry I mean Michelle Obama's birthday!?
    The MSM isn't liberally biased and attempting to distract the sheeple at all. This deserves to be on the front page of news. 
  2. I want to hug and kiss the president.
  3. I'd like to send that silver back gorilla looking bitch a box containing last night's beer shits.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvm7Fqbpqcg
  5. I'd bang her.
  6. Isn't bestiality illegal?
    Only if you report it.
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  9. Jungle fever dude.
    Besides, banging Michelle Obama > Lewinski blowing Clinton.
    Jesus fucking Christ, what did she do to you?  You've got fucking deep seeded issues man.  Goddamn!
    I mean I don't particularly give a shit about her, I hate her husband and every other politician in Washington, but I don't get my goddamn panties in a bunch over a puppet wife for a puppet POTUS.  Go smoke or something.
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    isn't that in like 2016?
    ABC news is horrible...
  12. I don't know how Michelle can stay with a man who has ordered or at least served as Commander in Chief of a military apparatus  that routinely kills children at the same age of her own. The reason she does it is because she is a power  whore like everybody else in D.C. 
  13. 42. Promote a healthy living rap album
    Lol, I'm pretty sure Michelle wouldn't feel comfortable listening to a Dead Prez album, but then again....
  14. ^ It couldn't hurt...maybe truth laced with good beats and 'soulful' rap styles would penetrate...that thick "silver back gorilla" skull.
    jk...while slightly amusing, uncalled for.

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