50 Most Popular Women: Justin Beiber #7

Discussion in 'General' started by MountainJew, May 10, 2010.

  1. He also doesnt know what German is

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkKqihEUmH4]YouTube - Justin Bieber Doesn't know what German Is..[/ame]
  2. He needs to go back to school and hit the books.
  3. hahah, "I don't know what that means. i like basketball" Fucking genius, this kid.
  4. Oh my god... This upsets me
  5. He was selling his album at a live concert on QVC a few weeks ago.

    It was pretty terrifying.

  6. Oh god no, more high pitched than ever
  7. kid is brainwashed

    a brainectomy(def) n.
    - surgical removal of encephal
    -an act of scrubbing with bleach/other chemicals
    - reattached, healed

    you now have a human robot capable of no independent/critical thinking
  8. he prolly thought the dude was saying something like JERMIN...or something...i dont like this kid but im pretty sure hes not that stupid

  9. Wrong, he is in fact, that fucking stupid.
  10. He showed him the question though. See, i would think the same, but the guy went, here, take a look, and he read the question
  11. He read it off the paper....retard:rolleyes:
  12. the guy showed him the card he was reading, so assuming this idiot can read he would have known how the word is spelled.

    did this guy just step off the mothership or what? how the motherfuck
  13. I cant wait till this kid goes through puberty and looses his singing voice(Which sucks) so then he will be a has been.
  14. He's gonna look back on these days when he's old and forgotten,
    and truly see how much of a douche he was.
  15. When this kids balls drop, it will be like throwing a rock at his voice, he will be done
  16. Man it says he's 16 but i don't believe it.

    He sounds like an 11 year old girl and its gunna be funny when he tries to sing with a ton of voice cracks.
  17. Hahaha, so true

  18. They will just add more auto-tune effects to his voice.
  19. So, my sister who is so obsessed with all this Dinsey shit and crap, she says there is this guy on Hannah Montana, who is actually like, 32 or some shit, and to work for disney and shit u have to be a certain age type thing, so they say he is 19. To have a record contract and shit u have to be 16 so they say he is 16, and they are probably lying about his age, just like the dude from disney channel. They are all ragging faggots though

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