$50, for a gram

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  1. You heard right folks. This is my very recent adventure, on getting supposedly 2g of "loud", for 50 bucks.

    Sorry about this, but this is my first damn rant on dumbass, kid dealers.
    To start off, I would like to thank all the very nice, sometimes even generous dealers, who get the job done, and even walk the extra mile.

    Firstly, I have not toked in weeks. My buddy was kind enough to give me his dealer's number, so I'm like ok, why not. I'm now only toking every week or so.

    I hit him up, and he sounds like he is a fucking robot. I had to talk with him for 5 minutes, to get things cleared up.
    This is basically how the conversation went.

    Me: Whaaattup man, what do you have in stock?
    Connor: I don't got no mids.
    Me: Ok, so you don't have anything?
    Connor: I got some loud
    Me: Ok bro, well 2g sounds fine whats your price?
    Connor:25 bucks a gram for the loud, and yeah 20 bucks, but 25 bucks, ....stumbles on and on.
    Me: ok hit me up when you got it.
    Connor: Ok in about 25 min.

    Next thing I know, 60 fucking minutes later, he rolls up I sit in his car and he hands me it.
    I say, it feels kinda lose doesn't it man? (it was dark out)
    He says, nah bro it's all there. Then I proceed to head out.

    Long story short, don't trust kids with the big boy toys.
    50 bucks for basically a gram. And guess what, Shit was as middy as mexican dirt. :)
  2. why the fuck would you pay more than $20 for a gram?
  3. Ain't no weed worth 50$ a gram!
  4. Desperate times call for desperate situations man.
  5. It's measures man, not situations, measures... :rolleyes:
  6. Fuck...I'd never even pay $20 for a gram.

    Fuckin shady people these days,man.
  7. That sucks bad yo
    Id rather go without..i would have thrown it at him told him to gtfo
  8. tis all about location. $20/g is standard where i live for dank. but my guys usually throw an extra .3 on top plus they smoke me out.
  9. i believe OP meant to get 2gs for $50 but instead got shorted and it came to about a gram...

    but yeah, i feel your pain. i was in the kind of situation last summer and i am not but im being patient :cool:

    ill be lifeguarding soon im and im sure my coworkers will be able to give me the hooke up :smoke:
  10. "I gawt sum loud"

  11. Yeah fa sho.

    Hah hopefully I didn't come off as one of those "My weed is so much cheaper blah blah balh" people lol.

    I know some peeps that will do $10 g's,the buds not bad either,probably 7-7.5/10 depending on the batch.
  12. Sounds like the kid was fucked up. He likely deals primarily gram grabs and forgot. He may not even know where the extra cash came from.

    I would call him on it. :smoke:
  13. A clinic by my pad has caviar which a gram of weed covered in oil for $45
  14. He was obviously trying to scheme, next time avoid shady dealers & never pay more than 20 for a gram :smoke::smoking:
  15. Why would you agree to pay 50$ for two grams? You're fault you got fucked over.
  16. [quote name='"twitchydude420"']Why would you agree to pay 50$ for two grams? You're fault you got fucked over.[/quote]

    He payed 5$ more per gram than usual because he was desperate, it's not his fault some dealer was a greedy douche

  17. He should have known that anyone selling 25 a gram is a greedy douche who's not above ripping people off.
  18. Op is dumb. There I said it.

    Not many drugs are worth $50 a gram
  19. youd be suprised ^ :smoke:
  20. "Nigerian Nightmare" moves easily here for $25 a gram.

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