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50 for a gram of hash oil good?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Kushmasta69, Feb 12, 2014.

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    Hey blades so Ive always smoked bud and I've smoked oil a couple times but ive never actually bought any. My dealer offered me some and I'm gonna buy a gram tommorow for 50$. So do you guys think that's a good price? In my area finding extracts is rare and there's no dispenseries or anything so yaa 50$ yay or nay? ( I live in Alberta, Canada btw) Oh and I'm assuming its gonna be good shit cause my dealer always has amazing weed:)
    Edit: oops I fucked that up I meant 50$ a vial not a gram but I'm assuming its a 1g vial

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  2. i really dont kno about canadas prices on bho. but here in cali its alot. most ppl pay 30-40 for the best shit. i pay 20. if its not gold dont buy it. 
  3. for canada id say thats a little high but im not that familiar with the area. ive heard worse.
  4. coming from someone that doesn't live in a medical state i'd probably pay $50 for a gram of oil. Idk how much someone from cali would pay, but i think 50 is a fair price for you.
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    forget i posted (dont know how to delete it)
    didnt know you where talking oil. sorry about this
  6. No way!! I get 25 or 20 a g here in Michigan, Canada is supposed to be even cheaper than that

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  7. Depends on how good the oil is. I'd say anything over 40$ for a gram of oil is a little steep.
    I don't generally fuck around with oil myself, because I find it awkward to actually smoke, and I just generally prefer the ritual of breaking up buds, packing the bong and ripping it.
  8. 50$ a gram is a good price if the hash oil is good, was it made from nugs? is it gold in color and transparent? Does it smell like really good bud? if you answered yes to all these questions then you got a GOOD price on a gram of hash oil.
    Now if your hash oil is dark in color, waxy looking, and smells like trim then i wouldn't even bother fucking wit it
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    $50 for high grade oil in Canada is very good. Right now in BC the medical dispensaries are selling their waxes/saps/butters anywhere from $70-95 a gram. Paying $20-30 a gram for quality oil is not realistic anywhere unless they used trimmings instead of buds (world of differences).
  10. Also Canada has different currency guys. OP really only paid ~$45 usd. Just something to consider haha
  11. Colorado here: 
    Some Shatter, Wax, Hash here goes from 20-35$ 
    but if you have a pen, and want Hash oil it goes 40-50$ and thats from a legal state. 
    So if its good oil, yes, yes its worth it. 

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