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50 days clean, still positive.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Anon325, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. I have a BMI of 22.5 and a fast metabolism. I was a heavy smoker but I’ve been clean for 50 days now and am still failing my at home tests with no trace of a line at all. I have a lab drug test in 11 days. I’m really starting to get anxious. I’ve already been drinking a lot of water, detox tea, working out, eating no fatty foods and a lot of vegetables. What else should I do?! I have a magnum detox drink for the day of but am nervous about using it. Should I trust the drink? Should I start trying to find someone to pee for me and substitute? Please help.
  2. Take a lazy day, eat a big greasy cheeseburger or 2 in the afternoon, take the test when your body is processing all that grease throught your veins..

    Working out and eating lean is good for getting THC out of your system, and put it right into your piss..
    Do the opposite when you want their to be no THC in your piss.. Be lazy, don't burn fat, eat shit that will store fat, for like 24 hours before your test..

    You definately don't want to take a test right after a workout, since you just burnt all that THC out of your fat..
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  3. Dang man 50 days dirty might as well go in piss and throw a nug in the cup.
  4. Holy smokes you’re clean. They just want you to keep buying their tests.
    There’s no way you’re not clean so relax. If I were you.
    Get a different brand test and check it. You can always check it by using clean piss btw. Verify the test.
  5. I say this much. I was in jail for 6 months and pissed for a friend that ended up there , I was still dirty lol just a tad but it still showed!!! Lifelong smoker and that was the only time i ever stopped. So I'm guessing it really depends on how much your body stores .

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  6. I’d believe this but I’ve failed multiple different brands. I was a heavy smoker and smoked wax as well
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  7. That’s insane! I truly thought 30 days was the golden rule, until now.
  8. All I can say is put someone else's piss in a condom , tie it to,youre boxers and do it that way. Easy to do just wash hands lol

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  9. Nope and that's the gods honest truth to. Not a joke at all. Surprised me i was only 180 lbs

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  10. I pass after 32 days at the dr and I vape 880 mgs shatter every 2 days and I smoke top shelf like a chimney and I’m heavier than you AND my thyroid is slow thus slow metabolism and it’s out of me in 32 days.
    I use shatter, crumble and sauce. 1 gram every 2 days, seriously. Medical marijuana, pure shit.
    Dunt no wut to tel u, I’m from the drug world btw. Chemistry and biology for years.
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    You’re soo lucky. This is the first time I’ve ever tried to get clean in 8 years and I thought it would be a breeze because of my fast metabolism. I smoked a lot, but not as much as you.
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  12. I used to set up piss tests at work. It was a start up and being pharma we had to test at least one time. I set up mine at 35 days. They later called and asked me to come back. I was freakn out. Turns out they dropped a vial of blood lol. We had blood work due to the drugs we were working with.

    We all smoked out in Redwine’s van after we passed our tests, at work at lunch. I wonder what happened to him.
  13. 58 years old 71 days clean and still test positive bought two different types of test. Im not active and 180 lbs. Didnt think I smoked that much but I do like high quality herb. Sure do miss it. Have to find a job.

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