50% Chance you will die before you turn 75.

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  1. So lets say the average life expectancy of humans is 75 years of age.
    That means you have a 50% chance of still being alive at 75.
    And so there is a 50% chance that you will die before you turn 75.
    I don't like those odds...
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    Actually, that means that 75 is the average age of death. That means people can die before 75, OR after 75. Not just that life stops at 75.

    Life expectancy is the average number of years a human has before death, conventionally calculated from the time of birth, but also can be calculated from any specified age.[1]
  3. we have to accept them, there's nothing else we can do
  4. ill take those odds
  5. Yeah, so half of the humans die before 75, and the other half live on after.
  6. The way you put it makes it sound worse than it actually is though. You don't take in account that you could die at 74, or 67, or even die at 76. It's not really too bad.

    When the time comes when I can't even wipe my own ass, I'll be visiting the local Euthanization Station :D
  7. theres also a pretty good chance that anyone of us could die today, at any moment. stop harping on the possibility of dying young, and appreciate life for what it is. If dying is all you worry about, you miss out on all the other really good stuff
  8. Yeah this pretty much just proves that some things aren't meant to be displayed in statistical or mathematical form.
  9. AKA Suicide Booth for the Futurama fans.:D
  10. death is the absolute ONLY garuntee in life... so you better fuckin accept it cuz you cant escape it no matter what age you are
  11. 75 years is a long fuckin' time anyway.

    As long as I get a few years of retirement, I'll be willing to go whenever.
  12. who the fuck wants to be 75 anyways?!?
  13. Not really.

    If it was the median age of death, yeah. Averages don't always (or usually) have half above and half below. It's seems like it would be close though.
  14. im pretty bored only 2 decades in, im satisfied
  15. 90% of the time, it works every time.

    Numbers, meh...

    I found this out one day though.....

    When you're born, you're given ~29,200 days to live. ( 80 * 365 ) <--Assuming avg age at 80 and no leap years.

    put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  16. I'm going to live forever. So far so good.
    -Steven Wright
  17. Exactly.

    You could have 9 people die at 83 and 1/3, and 1 person have fetal infant (can't remember the exact name) syndrome and die at birth, yet the average will still be 75. A median is usually a better way to look at it, because half of the people will die before the median age, and half the people will die after the median age.

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