50 Cent: Power of the Dollar?

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    Say whatever you want about 50, but this shit is hot. I can't understand why he can't have this hunger for writing anymore. I'm in no way a fan of him it's just I don't know how an artist can change for the worse as much as he has.

    "*****s who know me know I'm up to no good,
    man my fan base is spreadin' like HIV in the hood"
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    50 is pretty hard imo.

    fav song by him atm is position of power probly

    edit: listenin to power of the dollar, pretty sick song
  3. I'm talking about the unreleased album from Columbia records, not the individual song, but I agree, the song is hott.
  4. Only song I still listen to from that album is The Good Die Young.

    And sometimes How to Rob

    GRODT is so much better, though.
  5. ^^^^^^ that but u cant deny the shit he was doin on the mixtapes. now he lost it. u heard that whack new shit hes got with neyo?

    have a baby by me baby

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