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$50 a Gram

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Trevo4311, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. $50 a gram? That guy got ripped off, there's no way to justify more than $25 a gram at moossssttt, $20 a gram is as steep as it gets alot of places. If he really paid $50 a gram, I hope he was buying yeyo..
  2. Hate to tell you this but you're getting ripped off at $20/gram too. It costs under 50 cents a gram to grow.
  3. He should be getting at least 2.5 grams for that price.....Damn, your friend's a fool, no offense OP.
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    Hahaha my friends about to get a pound for exactly half that then throw me an ounce for free
  5. Coke.
  6. Oh yeah I know dude, it sucks. I pay like 350-375 a zip of pretty good bud and then i come on here and see people paying $275 for the dankest of the dank, haha. Fricken Jersey dude, prices need to drop faster.
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    If some offered me $100 for a gram I would not hesitate to sell it.
  8. The fucked up thing about this all is that weed costs next to nothing to grow.
  9. It could be the bombest shit in the world and it wouldn't be worth that much.
  10. Your friend is very...ignorant.
  11. We shouldn't even be paying for weed at all, let alone $50. Wtf is that about?
  12. white rhino usually runs the usual named dank price here 10$ a G 50$ is dumb. white rhino is very good though. it has a very nice sweetish sour taste. about a 90/10 indica sativa.
  13. yeah i had some of that before but $10 for .9
  14. 50 bucks for one fucking gram!!! Thats the ripoff of the century. More like 10$ a gram would be a good price.
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    Well if you buy seeds online it can be pricey, but the pay out you get makes it seem like pocket change :p you can grow a pound off some small lowriders for less than $100 then turn that around for more than tenfold ^_^

  16. Some of my friends call a half-8th a dime. Mainly cuz $10 of schwag is a half-8th. Weight got transferred with the name, not the price. :p It sounds to me that that's what he got, but either way you spell it, he got ripped off. $50 for any less than 3 grams is a rip off. The most expensive weed is $30/gram all the way up. But I get it for $20.
  17. That ain't shit man... I got me some super chronic bubalicious peanut butta OG kush for 75 a gram. :smoke:
  18. Did it come with a reach around? Because you just got your ass hustled. :hello:

  19. Hahaha I was joking man. I was just making fun of the dealers that come up with stupid strain names and people who spend way too much on weed. Fuck strain names... Just give me the weed. :smoke:

  20. That kind of weed is grown from a seed. The seed cost probably $75 for a six pack (probably cheaper), so six seeds producing an ounce apiece (minimum) gives you 168 grams for a measly $75 investment, yielding $12600. That's 16800% profit.. On top of that I'd be willing to bet that is a made up name. There's no way around the fact that you got fucked.

    You want to buy some super lemon haze? $50/gram :wave:

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