$50 30site Cloner $200 28site Aeroponic

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  1. Here is a quick drawing of an easy 30 to 28 site cloner. It can be built easily in an hour or two. Then photos and parts list of a $200 aeroponic unit that works like a champ. The photo only has one plant in it because that was an early rooter in the cloner. I used this cloner and aero unit successfully already. If people are reall interested I could post a step by step instructions for putting one of these monsters together. It took me two days and a few tools(which I will list). It was never really complicated. Mainly common sense. It compares to units that are well over a grand to buy. Actually I think it works a little better even.


    First put pump in tub to measure distance from it to the cover. The cover is not level with the top of tub. It actually dips down into it about 1 inch. So if it is 6 inches to the top of the tub, subtract 1 inch for cover then subtract 1/2 inch for 90degree PVC elbow. and finally subtract another 2 inches for clearance of sprayers. So you would cut your 1/2PVC at 2 1/2 inches. You can use any tub so this will vary. Take the 90 degree elbow and add it to the pipe. Now take the length of your tub inside and subtract 1 ft. from that distance. Then subtract another inch for the 90 elbows on each end and this is the length of the pipe your sprayers mount on. Cut holes for sprayers about 1 1/2in from end of pipe. Now put the two 90 degree pvc elbows on each end of the pipe and put the pipe that the you first cut to go to the pump into one of the elbows on the end. Hold it to the pump and measure what size pipe is needed to go from the opposite end to the bottom of tub. You want the sprayer pipe to lie level with the bottom of the cover. It does not need to be an exact science because the sprayers spread their spray pretty good. Remember there is an end cap that will go on the opposite end of the pipe and will be sitting on the bottom. You'll need to subtract 1/2" inch from your measured length that is going to hold the sprayers level. Then when you put the end cap on it won't make it too long. Put all the items together temperarily so you can see if any adjustments are nessesary. I only glued the end cap and 90 degree elbows I left unglued, for cleaning. Now if things look good ,go ahead and cut your 1 1/2" holes for the net pots around the perimeter of the cover. Just estimate what looks good it again does not have to be exact. Then cut a 1/4 inch hole in the top for the air line and another for the pump power cord. I removed the end and ran it through and reconnected it or otherwise you'll have to cut big enough to fit the end of the cord. I made a humidity cover out of another tub that was clear and the same size. Its not nessesary but nice to have. I took some photos for reference and let me tell you, this baby works great.

    I also took pics of the $200 aero unit. I could provide an accurate set of instructions but I would be copying. I found this project in the Cannabis Culture Magazine Issue#64 January/February 07. I then modified it to make it more inexpensive.
    I bought a surplus 900GPH pump for $19.95 at Surpluscenter.com. Then purchased the cheaper 6 inch PVC used for outdoor sewer. Its green instead of white. If you buy smart,you can easily build it for the $200 that I did. The 6 inch pipe is the item that cost the most. Its about $25 for a 10 foot section. If you can, use scrap wood you have around the house. You can use 1x6 or 1x8 if you have it around. Its for holding the pipe, so both work. I cannot express how awesome this baby is. I love it !

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