5 years now,,,,

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  1. and grasscity is still the best website for me,,,{besides porn:p}

    it's my facebook,,, my twitter,,,,,my photobucket,,,,and everything the web has to offer,,,

    the best thing is grasscity,,,and all it's members,,,:hello:
  2. Besides porn. :laughing:

    I agree man. You've got a few years on me but this place is defo the place I visit most online, including porn. :p

    Love my friends here :love: and the vibe. :hippie:
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    we need to get some porn up in this GC..

    then it would be complete


    :cool: <,,,----,,,...........
  4. While I'm far from in the same category as these long standing members, GC is by far my most visited website...

    And this ^^^ is the reason why...plenty of forums out there, but I haven't found one with the good vibe and great members that GC has...

    I just have one question...what is this "porn" thing you people speak of? :confused_2::p
  5. Hell yeah, then we change the name to asscity and we'll jet up to #1 on Big Boards within a week.
  6. This the one forum that I don't lurk and have more then like 10 posts on. I've been here for a year, and I'm hopefully going to be here for many more :smoking:.
  7. Yea, I love it here :)
  8. Im on here everyday, i was a lurker for the past year or two, i decided to join in march, and this is the most visited website i go to, i get bored with everything else, here theres all kinds of topics, and sometimes you can find some news on here, overall i would say GC is hours worth of entertainment everyday
  9. Word. I check it at least once a day thanks to the iPhone app. Also my marijuana knowledge has increased exponentially compared to as if I had to learn on my own. An awesome example of a collective consciousness :)
  10. What's grasscity?
  11. I'm going to make a forum called GasCity. It's all about farts and will be GrassCity's number one competitor.

  12. Will old farts...like me...be allowed?

  13. Hire him as Administrator

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xh5oEayP5M]gazman - YouTube[/ame]

  14. holy shit,,,,

  15. Of course, all farts are allowed! Young, old, stinky, silent, you name it!

    He's going to be in charge of entertainment. :smoking:
  16. you're jealous of gazman, aren't you?
  17. im very fond of the hairs i got growing around my ass,,,,,

    wouldnt want to loose them,,lol:p
  18. Back to the subject..... :laughing:

    Grasscity is my most visited forum now, I think I get on it just as much as facebook now, even though I'm a new member. Shit's just plain awesome, long live GC.

    GasCity may have some potential as well....:D
  19. I'v always thought farting was sick but funny is funny :laughing:

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