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5 year toker. no hand rolling

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highhiett, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. i always use a roller and i havnt hand rolled anything in 5 years hahaha.
    is that bad?:confused:
    Also everytime i pull it out somewhere everyone gets so amazed and ask to roll a blunt right then. Its like having a lighter to me. but to some its a damn divine device.
  2. nah man one of my best friends always uses one of those also...I always hand roll just cause it looks impressive and I think its fun but who really cares its about the inhaling and nothin else
  3. yea i dont ever feel diff. i personally like my blunts over anyones anyday hah. i intend on learning everyday but that fails everytime. hah isssssss okkkaayyyyyyy :)
  4. Nothing wrong with using a roller, you might wanna learn just incase you dont have it with you one day.
  5. im a ten year toker and i still use the same roller i got back when i was a 'couple of years' toker.

    and if i dont have it, i just revert back to the dollar trick, which ive only had to do a few times since i got the roller but used to do all the time. back in the day.
  6. 5 year toker. no machine rolling :)

    No worries though man, everyone does things differently haha.
  7. 14 years here and I can't roll a J without my roller. I will say I can roll the most beautiful blunts, they look just like cigars, but I have never rolled a J worth smoking without my rollers(I have them in three sizes). :smoke:
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  8. I have made rolling joints into a very fine science..
    In all the "stoner" groups i hang out with im always the joint guy. I can roll some damn good joints :D
    Although, i almost never smoke joints alone anymore now that i have a bubbler/bong/pipes.
  9. i love rolling a joint and then smoking it
    it's like
    getting high off of something you made
    it's awesome
  10. I've smoked for about 4 years now and I just started really learing to roll joint by hand, never really cared before but it only took a few weeks of practise and now im great.
  11. I have been under the influence for 5 years; but, I still cannot roll anything likewise. I think the only thing you can ask yourself is, "Has my rolling ineptitude ever stopped me from getting high while in possession?".

    I've never failed.
  12. It's simply a talent lost, but to each his own.
  13. im a near 3 year toker;)

    and i would never even consider rolling weed in any paper... lol

    marijuana cost way to much for me to burn it off for the atmosphere:cool:

    lets say a joint of 0.5g cost 5 bucks. 5 bucks for 1 high? you kiddening me.
    put that in my cheap vape and it'll last 5 days

    arent we all so different
    not to shit on the parade, i would like to be able to roll and not care
  14. I barely roll myself. When ever I group smoke, I usually leave the rolling to them while I pack a bowl or two.

    I've rolled quiet a bit, some turn out acceptable, some not so great.
    But Im going to be attempting it more so I can actually get some decent joints on the go.
  15. yall need to loosen up! a joint machine is cool. but also learn to roll your own. theres no joint rolling machine in the park. lmao. you need to learn the skill.
  16. Agreed
  17. I agree with everyone that no problem using a roller but I also love rolling up a joint or a blunt and smoking. Rolling up a bunch of blunts or waking up and rolling the first blunt can be a great addition to the entire experience.
  18. I think it's a crucial skill to learn...a few of my friends smoke weed everyday and claim they are stoners but can't even roll their own blunt or joint...i remember when i learned, it was difficult at first but its easy to catch on but some of my friends can sit down for an hour and not twist anything up and its kinda embarrassing...There's nothing wrong in not learning but why not learn? it only takes like 5 minutes lol
  19. I've smoked for 7 years now, and I still can't roll a joint.

    I consider myself a blunt expert. :smoke:
  20. There's nothing wrong with the roller, a perfect roll every time in about 30 seconds. But I would learn how to roll just in case it comes in handy. I would suggest getting a pack of zig zags and a half gram or so and grind it up and roll and unroll over and over until you can get a nice joint each time. With blunts, that can get pretty expensive so you will just have to practice over time.

    Once you learn how to roll though, you probably won't forget even if you don't do it a lot. I almost never smoke joints, and I never smoke blunts. But every once in a while when I want to smoke a joint I can still roll a nice joint that burns slowly even though I rarely do it.

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