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5-Year-Old Gives Oral Sex In Preschool Sex Scandal

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Cloud10_2003, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Eyenorieght
  2. i really don't think its that big of a deal.. in preschool there was a little boy the same age as me and we would fool around a bit, just touch each other. and in elementary truth or dare would always lead to something sexual, we didn't know what we were doing. i think its a pretty normal thing for little kids to explore their bodies and others. of course it doesn't mean little kids should be fucking but its not as bad as people think it is imo.
  3. Actually if you would have been an adult and clicked the link, there was another story about a nurse who would rock dead peoples worlds.

    That's hot as fuck if you ask me.:confused_2:

    It's no different than the Twilight Saga or the zombie love movie that just came out.
  4. [quote name='"Johnny Derp"']

    please tell me more about how calm and reasonable you'd be if your child were sexually molested.[/quote]

    Lol oh my god you seriously ruin every thread. If you cant learn to appreciate the humor of grasscity and the opinions people here hold, you should just sign out and never come back.

    I dont think anyone was molested here. They are little kids and got curious about the differences between boys and girls. Yes, it is kinda fucked up but honestly these kids would not be affected by it at all if it was blown out of proportion like this. These kids wouldnt even think it was a bad thing they are doing. Its the parents freaking the fuck out and closing schools and sending their children elsewhere when the situation becomes traumatizing
  5. this is not natural exploration. no 5 year old girl knows about oral sex UNLESS AN ADULT EXPOSES THEM TO IT.

    how naive are you people on this site?
  6. are you gonna disprove the existence of rape culture, or are you just gonna sit there and be an embarrassment to the male gender?
  7. #87 Johnny Derp, Feb 11, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 11, 2013
    there is nothing funny about this story, dumb ass. :rolleyes:

    I didn't ruin the thread. you and the other fail males are just mad that I keep calling you out on your pathetic statements. do you think you're hiding this fact by using the most stale "omg its humor" lines? do you think you're doing yourself any favors by getting yourself all mad whenever I call you out? do you honestly, truly think that doing these things is distracting anyone from the fact that you have nothing worth arguing?

    any NORMAL person knows that there is nothing normal or "natural" about what happened in this story. anybody with even the smallest amount of common sense knows that children who act out sexually LEARNED IT FROM AN ADULT. where else do you think a 5 year old learns how to give oral sex, you fucking morons?

    Name-Calling is not allowed here. - KSR
  8. what the fuck how does a 5 yo learn how to give head
  9. Its really not that difficult. They didnt go into detail, so its about as easy as a dick in the mouth..

    If they got caught 69'ing. Well. Then we'd have to ask some questions..
  10. What if she was working the shaft and the balls?? Maybe that's why the father was so upset lol

  11. we're talking about children here, pervert.

    god, the people in this thread are such a fucking embarrassment to weed smokers, males, and humanity in general. :rolleyes:
  12. Your just jealous you didn't get head at age 5.
  13. You're*
  14. You're in a weed forum bro, you'll see that people aren't that serious once you've been here for more then 11 days..

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  15. Dude shut the hell up!! Everyone else joking around and having fun. Your just pissin everyone off and talkin shit, if you dont like what people have to say then get off the fuckin thread!:eek:
  16. how old are you? :rolleyes:
  17. that was a nice display of your unbelievable lack of intelligence.

    I won't be leaving any time soon. :) nor will I allow you to "joke around" about children being sexually molested without being put in your place.
  18. 5 and I get head everyday
  19. like I said; you're giving marijuana smokers a bad name.

  20. First, how does that have anything to do with my intelligence, and you dont know she was molested for all you kno she saw it on a movie and was just immitating it.

    She also did it more than once to more than one boy so she probobly enjoyed it anyways.

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