5 x Northern lights autos grow log, opinions wanted.

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  1. hey guys, 

    just looking for some feed back on how these guys are looking. i see the edges of some of the leaves curling up... here are the stats for them.. 

    planted after paper towel 10/27/14

    roots organic soil in 3 gallon bags
    (1) 400watt HPS
    (1) 150 watt CFL side lighting 
    (1) 300watt cfl side lighting 
    2'x3'x5.6' tent 
    (1) 4" HV inline fan ductiong
    (1) 4" HV inline fan intake
    (2) fans inside tent blowing

    temps 74-83 degrees
    humidity 38-48%
    used nutes two times onyl so far at 1/3 dose recommended (buddha grow)
    PH of fresh clean water is 6.8
    PH of Nute water is 3.8-4.0 (only use about 1 or 2 cups of nutes at a time the rest is clean water. 

    400 watt HPS is 16-18 inches away. up until tuesday the HPS was only 6-8 inches away thats y i thought i had curling originally. but moved it up and seem to be the same but they are growing faster. 

    leme know how you think they are doing. today will be DAY 10. sorry if i posted pics wrong. \\

    thanks guys 
    group wendy 11-5.jpg wendy 1.jpg wendy 2.jpg wendy 3 11-5.jpg wendy 4 11-5.jpg wendy 5 11-5.jpg
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    I'm growing the same thing but using a mh to start with. only 2 of mine have sprouted thus far but yours are looking good for about a week old man, nice.
  3. Your ph seems weird why do it like that? Make sure all the water you give them is ph'd to 6-6.5. Don't feed when they are this young or you'll burn them. When you do feed them add the nutes to the water and then check the ph of the mixture.
    They don't look like they're doing to bad but if you carry on the way you are they will sufer.
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    Use just water and be patient. You will be happy before you know it!
  5. They are way too small for nutes.  There is plenty of growing to be done in those pots before they need feeding, in 3 gallon pots they may not even need feeding until flowering, depending on how big you grow them.  There is plenty of goodness in the organic soil for now.
    pH3-4 is too low for feeding.  You need to make up your nutes, then use something to adjust them back to 6.8ish.
    Until they fill the pots with roots, you don't want to worry about the 20% runoff rule because that will be over-watering them.  A couple of cups of water is fine.
    Even though you are counting these as day 10, they are still seedlings, barely small plants. They are in nice big pots, have plenty of light, so your best bet is keep them clean and tidy and otherwise hands off.
  6. Howando....,Thanks.,appreciate it.,I'm going to lay off of the nutes and I'll b sure to not over water.

    I'll have to grab some ph up and ph down to get my nuted water more in line.

    Thanks again.
  7. Here are some of them on day 12. Edges of leaves still have curling but I don't think it's gotten any worse.

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  8. They good? Curling too much?
  9. Curling like that is indicative of too much heat
  10. They look beautiful.  Don't worry about a couple of ropey looking leaves at first, it's probably just a little nute burn from the fresh soil.  They look like they are growing really really vigorously.
    They are looking so nice, I am thinking I would like to keep an eye on them and probably top or fim them within the next week, and be LSTing them out toward the edge of the containers, so that each plant is like 2 plants right from the base.  Just an idea, although maybe I would wait a little longer, I'd have to see it for myself.
  11. Howando thanks.

    I wasn't sure weather it was good or not to top or lst an auto flower.,I would love to do some stress training, I'll have to read into it n try to rig something up.

    I'll look into lsting as I heard that's pretty easy to do. I need to look into fim bc not sure what that is.
  12. Oh it's an auto? in that case no!  Let them grow and do their thing, it's all good.
  13. is the plant going to get confused or have any harm by turning the HPS off for those hours and only having it run HPS and CFl together for 14 hours then CFL alone for 6 hours (during hotter part of the day) and then fully off for 4 hours?

    i was running a 20/4 and now just dropped the HPS for a few extra hours. please let me know your thoughts. or i can clarify if that is confusing. 
    i will turn the HPS on fully in about a week when the temps drop and then itll be starting week 4. 
    I don't really see why not, it's like daytime, dusk, night. It's not like you are switching them over to a completely different set of lights, you're talking about running them both and then turning one off before the other.  And it's only for a couple of weeks.
    The autos should pretty much just grow and do their thing, as long as you keep the lights on and the roots watered :)
    thanks allot. i appreciate getting your feedback. if i could share the final product with u, i would haha. 
    they look completely different this morning before work then in those pictures. ill take some more and keep the log going later on. i guess i dont need to post pics everyday, maybe im obsessing a little much. haha. o well. 
  16. They will continue to amaze you every day for a while :)  No harm will come from looking at them five times a day, but harm will come to them if you interfere with them 5 times a day, so keep the obsession in your eyes and not in your fingers! ;)
    If you want to post pictures every day, there's a whole forum for that sort of thing.  It's actually a good idea, because then you can easily look back and see what changed, if something ever starts to look wrong.
  17. dunno if its been aid but up the humidity mate :)
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    ok also stop feeding them nutes untill there at least 14days old also dont water so much cannabis like soil to go through a dry spell then drench the wait till its dry again. 
    also ph the water once it all together also a quick one if ya nutes are organic dont ph the water theres no need really just stick to the nute messurements with autos tho start nutes day 14 at 1/4 strength and increace each water unless burn shows then feed plain water :)
    also the only training you wanna do is lst... pop into my auto thread mate might help.
    haha i like the way you put it. HANDS OFF. EYES ON. got it!!! ill stick to that method a little more now. 
    PERFECT thanks. i was considering about day 14 to introduce nutes again. thatd be today. i am going to wait a few days. going to feed one more time just plain water and then i will start the nutes again. 
    they need another day to dry out more. 

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