5 x 'lowryder 2' (stealth grow)

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  1. This is my first grow, so i thought i would make a grow journal. Any comments and tips thoughout my grow will be much appriciated.:):):)

    Day 1

    5 seeds planted in miracle grow potting mix, in a dark cupboard no signs' of germination yet.
    I plan on watering 1 once a day just to keep the soil damp.

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  2. good luck man
    im smokin some LR#2 now


    nice strain

    germinate more seeds if u have em
    cuz all 5 can turn males if ur not using the feminised seeds
  3. where did u get these seeds i was lookin for them because i wanted to try using a aero garden grower

  4. I got them from this site: http://www.lowryder.co.uk/en
    They only took one day to arrive at my house.
  5. I have 10 seeds in total so I'll germinate the other 4, thanks for the advice. Your lowryder 2 harvest looks fucking awesome, i cant wait until it's time harvest mine.
  6. Day 3

    All five plants have emerged out of the soil, i am starting them on a light cycle of 18 hours of light a day.

    Also i am building a bigger growing space for when my lowryder's bet bigger, picture coming soon.

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  7. Day 14

    Ive had 1 casualty my light fell and took out a plant, but the rest are doing fine.
    I've moved them into my cabinet grow room, ive got a fan in their and one Florissant light.

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  8. I don't think have enough lights in there, I was thinking of putting 2 more fluorescents in.

    I also plan on putting my pants into much bigger pots next week.

    So guys what do you think of my grow so far, any suggestions ?

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  9. Looks ok but you are right you will need bigger pots soon. What lights do you have at the moment? Have you access to emergency blankets as foil is really not good at all for growing. Good luck!!

  10. thanks,
    So u reckon i should ditch the foil, what should i use instead?

    I am currently using a 20 watt CLF bulb.

    thanks for your suggestions more photo's coming soon.:smoking:
  11. Yup get some emergency blankets from the store they are very cheap and work great! is that actual wattage or equivelant? Either way you need at aleast 100 actuall watts for your firsyt plant and 50 for every one after that. However I would reccomend 100 for each

  12. Thanks Mels, I shall replace the foil with fire blankets. My 20 watt CLF is equivalent to 100 watt's, so iwill get more of them.

    cheer's :D
  13. Day 24

    All four plats have got quite big, no sign of sex yet. Ive still to get bigger plant pots and more lights though.

    Let me no how you think the plants are doing, thanks:):):
  14. Ohh, almost forgot the photo.

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  15. Day 27

    Today my plants showed sighs of sex 2 were female. I got rid of the males and moved my females into bigger pots.
    Sorry my camera was not good enough to take a picture of the pistils.

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  16. pots still look pretty small
  17. Yea those pots are tiny, have the plants gotten any larger? They just seem a little small for day 27 no offence or anything just curious. Are they original LR?

  18. Yes i think they may be on the small side, they are LR 2. This is my first grow so Im sort of learning as I go along, I will move the pants into big pots.

    thanks for you help.:hello::):):)
  19. Good luck ill be watching.

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