5 X fem trainwreck 5 X afghan and 3 X bubblegum CFL grow and HPS flower

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  1. Ok so figured this is a good way to get info when needed (google doesn't cut it)

    This is my 3rd grow first grow I used seeds from swaziXskunk was very slow growing took like 2 months of veg to get about a foot. Only got about 40gr from 2 okish plants but it was dank red haired sticky cinnamon stuff.
    I planted 1 bubblegum and 2 KC33 a month ago turns out both KC33 were male very sad...but the bubblegum is a bushy beautiful girl!

    I'm using 1X85watt CFL + 1X120watt CFL (alotta people say u can't get em that big...BULLSHIT I did and can get about a 200 or 250watt aswell)
    Planing on flowering the 1 bubblegum I got growing already on a 250 watt HPS and then grow the seedlings on the 2X CFLs but power is an issue so itl be 12 hours CFL and 12 hours HPS gonna be a mission to move em around all the time I know but ohwel.

    I'm using a phone for this journal so having a tough time figuring out how to upload pics from a BB. If anything I'll make a plan in a week once they have sprouted.

    I'll be building a grow box cos my closet is just gonna be a mission so before I flower I'll have the filter and ducting setup.

    If anyone has any coments or thaughts please feel free to post it I am doing this for the free advice.

  2. Looks nice and healthy! Will follow!
  3. looks like a str8 up hybrid..how big is that pot?
  4. The pot is round I duno maybe 6-8 leters its an autopot but the base takes up to much space I got a 250watt HPS today the guy didn't give me a ballast he said just plug it in what u guys think?
  5. Ok so the 250watt HPS is set up and its a lot brighter than I expected.
    The seeds have sprouted 1 bubblegum 4 trainwreck and all 5 afghan.
    The trainwreck seedlings are actualy pinkish kinda weird but growing very well.

    Ok so since power and heat is a major issue I can't use the HPS for 12 hours untill I build the grow cube, so what I'm gonna have to do is move the damn things around twice a day.
    I'll have pics up of the seedings in a day or 2
    The Bubblegum is doing realy well the branches and leaves have doubled in size in 3 days its crazy stuff. It seems to be my first succesfull plant. Anyone who wants to grow swazi...DON'T!! It takes months and is crap not worth it, its easier to get a bag for 30 bucks
  6. Ok so all but 1 trainwreck has germinated and sprouted funny since I baught them got the rest free.
    One of the trainwreck sprouted with the seed almost fully closed it was a seed on a stem, funny at first then I realised that it looks like it was dying really fast so I took the seed off it was on there good but I got it off very gently.
    It seems to be ok now the leaves can get light atleast. I'll post a pic of the seedlings later today.
    The bubblegum is flowering nicely but I got small bad feeling its male wich would make my entire 2nd grow males that would suck.
    Its doubling preflowers but there small and my eyesight isn't all that great.
    I'm praying to see some pistols soon shouldn't be long now before I can know for sure.
  7. Iv noticed something with outdoor plants that flower halfway thru summer because of shade of a tree or something and then it stops flowering and starts growing again it grows so many top branches it looks like a club. I'll get a pic of one soon it flowered for a few weeks then grew again (its under a palm tree) and it has taken a while to grow granted but its got no less than 20 top branches. In theory this could be an easy way to get a shit load of tops and learn the sex early enough to replace it. Has anyone else noticed this or tried this before?
  8. The bubblegum is a male....iv never seen a male plant that looks like that....usualy there thin lankey and unhealthy looking with few branches and leaves not a perfect indica! Gonna have to wait another 3 weeks damnit!
  9. hey man, good looking gRow! Are you going to top thosd beautiful ladies?
    Happy growing
  10. Found out they all male dude so iv only got 13 seedlings of a few days old soon I'll get another 5 free afghan with shroomkits and I'll plant them too.
  11. As u can see from the first picture its a seed on a stem not so healthy.
    The afghan in the middle of the 2nd pic is about 4-5 days older than the rest of the seedlings I wanted to test how well these free seeds germinate and 8 hours later there was already a root tip outa the shell.
    Because the last crop was entirely male I'm hoping for a lot of small females I don't have much space so would rather grow 8 small females than 4 big ones so these plants I'll flower around 2-3 weeks depending on the size.
    I'm not gonna top any of them this harvest I'm just gonna grow em straight.
    I'm thinking of ordering some medihuana seeds for the next crop. Has anyone tried that before?
  12. Ok so iv got now 4 trainwreck 5 afghan and 3 bubblegum. Only the trainwreck are feminised
    So now my thaught is this, I don't have that much space I got 2 closets one os a foot by a foot by 6 foot that's like good enough for seedlings only.
    My other closed is about 3foot by 2 foot by 6 foot that's where I'm gonna flower the plants but with a big 250watt HPS spotlight (its all I could get) I don't want em to big
    So I'm gonna take the afghan (bombsquad) and the trainwreck and flower them when there about 1 foot tall and I'm gonna leave the bubblegum on veg,
    But now the problem with that is they gotta either veg for 3 months untill the rest have flowered or I could just pop em in once iv taken out the males after the 2nd to 3rd week of flowering.
    Would there be any problem with veging a plant for 3 months would it be weaker or less potent or would it just be a massive indica with a shitload of bud? I vegged the bubblegum in the picture above for 4.5 weeks
    And it got about 1 foot tall so I'm guessing itl probably grow till about 3 foot before flowering. Has anyone ever seen such a larg indica? Is it possible? I know mazar-i-shariff gets monster big but that's in its DNA can a bubblegum do that too?
  13. Aha! Modification completed! Eh well almost I just need to build a "fan slot" a piece of wood with 6 pc fans 3 at the top of the closet pulling air out and 3 at the bottom blowing air in, its gonna fit between the doors
    So the doors basically close onto it to allow more airflow and to block light. Hopefully I can do that soon.
    I got 15" pots round 3-4 liters. I'm not gonna plant in bigger pots later this is the biggest I'll be using I like small pots.
    I also got reflective sheeting couldn't get mylar only way to get is to import and thatl take 3-4weeks so screw it I got mylars older uncle its thick and shiney so it works.
    I trans planted all 12 plants today was the easiest its ever happened soil didn't crumble at all I was so lucky.
    I'd like to get a few more CFLs I was told they barely show up on the meter so I can go ape with em so I'd like to go from 205watt to 410watt input wich will be around 2300watts output iv got 1100watts output at the moment.
    The plants are all round an inch the 2nd set of leaves are coming in very nicely the oldest afghan of a week is growing the 3rd set of leaves nice compact round leaves looking very healthy.
    I got guano powder yesterday but its just a mission to use cos I only got a spray bottle and it cloggs the nozzle but I'll make a plan with that.
    I'm going to start using nutes soon iv got GHE flore bloom, flora grow and flora micro.
    I'll have a pic of the mods in a while and I'll get a pic of the afghan aswel.
  14. Ok so did more shopping today got an extractor fan realy cheap and easy to set up.
    I also go another bird wing reflector and another 120watt CFL my plan is to have the 85watt in the middle and the 2X 120watts on either side but gonna raise em at an angle to maximise light output.

    The top pic is the completed closet the reflective sheet goes all the way to the top for flowering.
    I'm picking up my shroom kits tomorrow with another 5 free afghan seeds. I'll be planting 3 and might give 2 away.
    The 2nd pic is the afghan at about 10 days after sprouting. I'll post more pics when the plants grow a bit more.
  15. lookin good

    bring that light down a tad...


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