5' x 5' footprint, CMH or QB

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  1. Hi there peeps, it has been a while since I posted.

    I'm designing a new grow room that's 6.5' x 11' and want to thoroughly serve a 5+' x 5+' portion of it. Sometimes scrog, sometimes bushes. Cooling doesn't seem to be an issue in this room and where I live now doesn't get very hot in the summer (I'm more likely to grow indoors in the winter anyway).

    Previously I grew in a 5'x5' tent and used a Mars 1600 for a four plant scrog. That generally worked well for me but obviously the outer edges were underserved and obviously QBs are where it's at now as far as LED. I'd rather have multiple lights (4) for more even lighting and I've always liked the idea of CMH as I'd read that the spectrum is particularly well suited for pumping up the aromatics.

    I really don't care about quantity, only interested in making the most flavorful cannabis that I can. Anyone want to talk me out of CMH? I'd likely opt for vertical bulb mount fixture with remote (out of room) ballasts.

    Thanks for your thoughts. As always, I raked through various forums to get people's thoughts on this subject before posting.
  2. I use Invisible Sun LED and the gains have been staggering. I've definitely noticed far superior density and terps compared to HPS and CMH.

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    Thanks. So you used to grow with HPS and CMH and much improvement with the QBs?

    EDIT: I guess Sun LED doesn't us QBs, they use Sun Boards. More for me to look into I guess. I've never heard of Sun Boards.
  4. Quantum Board is just a name that HLG have attempted to copyright. QBs or LED panels whatever u wanna call them. They both use Samsung LEDs.

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  5. Combo. 4 288's for the sides and a CMH in the middle.
  6. Cool thing with leds and cmh is that they are both very compatible with the same cannopy tempratures, where as HPS likes a bit more cold than leds. This means you can avoid having to spend loads of $ and watts and effort on climate control, with pure leds most people (in open space) tends to have to have some sort of heating.

    If OP is allready down for 315 cmh there are loads of ways to combine it with leds.
    One way would be to get a led which covers the same basic 2.5 x 2.5 foot print. Qb96 at about 150w would do great for this. Have a few ready for summer time.
    Or one could drop a 630 fixture in the middle and have a strip fixture around it covering the edges. Tweak climate by shifting power between lecs and leds, lec for heating, leds for less heat.

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