5 weeks old, take a look and let me know what you think

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  1. Can anyone tell the sex of my plants yet? Im not sure if its too early to tell. But anyways just leave me some feedback I would like to know what you guys think

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  2. Looks a little early..

    Just wait it out man, youll definitely know which ones are male before they pollinate anything, unless you rarely check your plants..
  3. Nice plants, now all you have to do is wait to get rid of the males
  4. Thanks guys, yea I check my plants everyday so I will keep watching, this is my first grow so I hope they are ladies
  5. Depending on where you are located your plants won't show sex til another month to month and a half maybe even longer.
  6. More like 2 and half months. Mid to late July you can expect to see pistils and preflowers.

    That things is going to be massive by then.
  7. I'm located in northern cali, so it gets plenty of sun
  8. hey man..just wondering how big the pots are you planted in
  9. 5 gallon pots
  10. For the whole season? Could outgrow it.
  11. well i have extremely wet and nasty soil in my area soo i kinda wanna use pots...but dont want root problems..5-6 gallons isnt enough ?
  12. Yea I was going to leave it in that pot for the rest of the season. Do you think it will get root bound? And if so how big of a pot do I need because I can't put it in the ground, my backyard is to small and I'm always having to move them
  13. I've seen 5 gallon bucket grows where the plants grew 8 feet tall and the plant was never negatively affected by the size of the container. Still produced some legit buds. If you are looking for a massive harvest you might want to find something else though. Just make sure you keep up on your feeding and watering if you use the 5 gal.
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    Healthy Plants Their...:cool:

    You still have a few months before they start flowering in the fall.
    As they get taller they will mature more and show their sex at around 2+ foot tall.
    Depends some on the strain and genetics as to when they show their sex. Some show sex early and other strains take longer.

    You can look for the preflowers and cull before actual flowering starts.....;)
  15. I'm sure your right, but the bigger the roots structure, the bigger and denser nugs you will produce because the plant is able to uptake more nutrients at the same time.
  16. Ok so say I do switch over to bigger pots and they get 8 feet tall, will everyone in my neighborhood be able to smell them because that's one of my concerns. Even though I have a cannabis card I'm worried about someone stealing them
  17. 8 foot tall if you don't train it. Why not consistently top it and lst it to keep it short a bushy with fat nugs rather than reaching for the sky with one main cola.
  18. This is my first grow so I will have to do some research in the forums to see how to top it. I don't want to fuck my babies up
  19. alright well in my case with bad soil in my ground..if i bury a 5 gal with no bottom would that be better for my roots then just in the 5 gal ?

    sorry guys im new to this
  20. Nah your better off digging a hole, putting good soil in it and letting the roots expand into the native soil. No need to bury a 5 gallon bucket...the roots will still be rootbound.

    Cut between the 3-4 or 4-5 nodes. Impossible to fuck up.

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