5 weeks old , 3 veg 2 Flower CFL

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  1. This is my little girl , she is like week and a half two weeks into flower , my question is , should I not see more trichome development by now ? Or does this look fine ?

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    Flowering generally takes 60-80 days depending on the genetics of your strain.  I would say that it looks ok.

    What are you feeding it?  How many watts of light and what kind of light?  What kind and PH of soil?   What size pot?
  3. If you are trying to flower a plant with those CFL florescents you are going to be sadly dissapointed.  You can only veg a plant with them, and though you "can" flower with CFLs you can expect something like one ounce from a plant rather than one pound.  Get a 600w HPS..  Thats the best advise I can give you...
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    I believe my question was , should I not see more trichome development by now ? Or does this look fine ?
    but to humor your first post , because it is some what relevant, it is just a 1 gallon "pot"  Those are 20w CFL's a piece I have 5 of them on the plant , They are 2700k lights. Also I am using a 2-5-3 organic type bloom buster nut. And im not fancy enough to have a PH meter.
    Anyways i simply curious about the lack of white frosty trichomes , my previous grows i seen very early trichome development , this one not so much. 
    ​And it's not that I don't appreciate your responses but keep them relevant please lol If i could I would have Thousands of watts of L.E.D's and HPs and MH's and DWC 20 gallon pot hydro systems and even hire a slave to watch my crop haha but I can't :)
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  5. Very similar to my chernobyl plant. The flowers are about as far along and i have seen little to no trich production. Saw on a very tiny leaf this morning a little but other than that not so much.Sent from my HTCEVOV4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. Hoping for trichzzzSent from my HTCEVOV4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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  7. Oh ok so its probably good right on par haha , Just whatever type of bud strain i got probably doesn't develop them till later. 
  8. Strain dependent. I have the same thing going on with my diesel, not much trichs on the trim but the flowers ended up with a decent amount. I think they'll come out eventually, maybe not as much as the others you've grown.

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