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5 weeks into flowering

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by StreetLegal, May 9, 2010.

  1. my plant is 5 weeks into flowering and there are little rust spots on the upper most leaves i know this is a ph problem (lesson learnt) as this is my first time growing how is this going to affect my crop, is there anything i can do at this stage to correct this problem.
  2. I have seen Blood-meal recommended as a way to lower pH, additionally it adds some Nitrogen to the soil.

    Garden stores also sell Aluminum Sulphate specifically for lowering pH, but I have seen a number of people on this forum (and others to a lesser extent) that recommend against the stuff for one reason or another.

    I am sure there are other nutrients that will lower soil pH as well, have a look around these boards you will find at least one discussion on the subject (probably in the stickies for one of the forums here).

  3. I'm not so sure it is a problem. For that last 3 days I have been looking at nothing but plants that are 5-8 weeks in budding. My plant is 7 weeks, and is doing the same thing. Really I think almost all do.

    What I was told, which makes sense, was that if your leaves don't change at all during flowering then there is too many nutrients in your soil at that point and your buds will taste like it. Basically instead of getting the nutes your budz need from the soil, it's doing it from places where it stored it on itself. That is a sign that you have started flushing, and really you should be in about one more week.

    Edit: Oh I posted in the first place to ask to see a picture :D
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    here's the pictures of the problem, its the majority of the upper leaves, nearly most of them have got the brown egdes to the leaves, i've got my plant under a 600w and 400w sodium vapour, ive tied the plant down but there is about a 16 inch gap from top of the plant to the lights (i thought it may have been a problem with the heat) anyway if you could take a look and give me your possible diagnosis of the problem :D thanks (free the weed sow the seed)

    oh yeah and by the way i am growing the plant in aeroponics bubble system, not soil.
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    looks like you have a spider mite problem bro.... get some predatory mites from a grow store 30 bucks for 2000 well worth saving your crop, def. dont spray with anything either, ANYTHING, sucks dude ive had to deal with those bitches before
    Edit: sorry i forgot about the cal/mag problem you have, see how your stems are purple, plants should NEVER be purple anywhere if its not a purple strain, should be all healthy green. I had the same problem add some cal-mag to your feeding schedule. Are you using filtered tap water?
  6. i was told it was blue cheese when i got it as a cutting (dont know whether its purple strain or not) and no i am just feeding it straight tap water ive been using ionic grow and bloom this problem has only occured since i added the 400w light (spider mite you say are these visble to the naked eye?)
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    I can at least safely say that your problem is NOT natural.

    Edit: also bluecheese is my fave. Post a pic and I will be able to tell you if it is. Even if it ain't, put some bud porn up here pleeeeze. Been fappin to the same pics and they just don't do it for me anymore :D
  8. PIC_0151.jpg



    the first 2 pictures are of the top of the plant and you can see the brown egdes of the leaves and they are curling upwards as if they r drying out, and the last picture is of the bottom of the plant which is not receiving the light and is all healthy stems and leaves. I've got air extraction and movement on all the time, it drinking about between 6-8 litres in 24 hr period
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    Okay now it does look a lil more normal seeing those pics (you work fast man). Let me ask this, how do the smaller leaves under those sun leaves look. Are the new leaves straight or not?

    As far as that being blue cheese goes, it's too hard to really tell from the pics.
  10. the smaller leaves underneath the bigger sun leaves look healthy with green stems
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    I think your fine then. Mine did the same thing. I mean you could try to add nutes, but really at this point you are only bout 3 weeks from harvest, you may just want to ride it out.

    If all the plants are the same strain, and all started doing this around the same time, that would seem to me that it is normal (unless you changed something recently).

    Maybe someone else could weigh in...?
  12. Ok thanxs bro uve put my mind at rest now . im going to start flushing 1 week from 2day 4 the last 2 weeks .should i keep both lights on 4 the full 12 hrs or should i just put the 600 on . what do ya think ?:hello:

  13. I think the more the merrier (as long as temps are good). Also you will probably see a lot more of what you are seeing right now when you start flushing as the plant really will feed off of itself (which is good).
  14. okay bro thanx for the advice its very much appreciated.
    dont drink and drive smoke weed and fly
  15. Dear Dirtbud in my tent ive only got the 1 plant un shes so big . But when the light cums on i will get some better bud porn photos 4 ya . LOL.Un you will av 2 c if you could identify it 4 me .it wont b till 2moz .Thanxs Bud....Un stand by the bud porns on its way :smoking:

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