5 weeks into flower, Yellowing, and Purpling/crispy leafs tips.

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  1. Is this a deficiency or did I overfeed, added a feeding of 2-8-4 Power Bloom, 5 TBSP for 5 gallons of soil medium. She looks hungry, not sure what to do, fed her a week ago, dry amendments. Could my microbial life be low and nutrients just taking forever to break down from the lack of microbials to break down the dry amendments? This is an organic run, no salts being used by the way! Some advice would be great guys! IMG_20230117_172145207_HDR.jpg IMG_20230117_172158447_HDR.jpg IMG_20230117_172138135_HDR.jpg IMG_20230117_172132665_HDR.jpg
  2. Yeah shes hungry. Dont be afraid to be heavy handed with the organic nutrients. Some plants will fade out a lot no mater what you do and it can be a good thing because it allows the light to get down into the canopy better when the fans shrivel up and fall off.
  3. Organics is like flying a Hot Air balloon. Inputs can take a long time to see actual results. Your losing attitude and holding down on the burner rope for all your worth with both burners roaring about to set your hair on fire meanwhile that hard ground is getting closer and closer. Ever so slowly she finally stops dropping and begins a leisurely assent. While she was down so low you grabbed the TV antenna off a roof as you brushed it.

    Some inputs can take up to half a year for microbial life to get the job done. I've been trying to get my soil PH down with sulfur dust for years with no gain real gain and falling ever further behind.
    I use a vast amount of high PH city hose water and it is challenging to say the least.
    I finally took a chemical approach last summer and fixed my issue in one shot.

    I'll triple my sulfur dust amounts and watch and see how the plants do this coming summer when soil temps are high and microbes are most active.

    Your plant may finish as buds on bare sticks if she is starved enough.
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  4. This isnt the end of the world though. Ive had this happen and the buds still turned out good.

    And I agree, the trick to organics is adding enough, early enough.
  5. Ohh ya even naked stems and buds can kick just fine. I've had strains that finished like that no matter how they were fed.
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