5 weeks in on grow

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  1. here are my plants 5 weeks from seeds there are berry ryder and lemon that have just germinated



  2. Alright mate,

    Got a BerryRyder on the go myself, only 1 week though at the moment. Which picture is the berry?
    Any noticeable traits from its grow?

    Other than that they're looking pretty good, second picture looks like a winner, good branching going on - plump and short. Perhaps a bit smaller than I would have expected at 5 weeks though? What lights are you using?
  3. There purple cheese and skunk mass I have 16 plants berry Ryder has germinated yesterday along with the other 5 and already they have another set of leaves poking through. The light is a 600w HPS
  4. Sounds good, keep me posted on updates!
  5. hey scarem jeck out my berry ryders and 60 day wonder on my 60 day journal
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  7. Crowning up nicely ;)
  8. cant wait to have a smoke off these plants they are looking lush
  9. every time i look at these i twitch lol::smoking:

    day 17 002.jpg

    day 17 003.jpg

    day 17 004.jpg
  10. here are my skunk mass at 8 weeks

    week 8 (1).jpg

    week 8 (2).jpg

    week 8 (3).jpg

    week 8 (4).jpg
  11. buds are looking niceeeeeeeeeee

    fatty buds (2).jpg

    fatty buds (3).jpg

    fatty buds (4).jpg
  12. Are you feeding them nutes?

    They look very small (bud growth-wise) for week 8.

    Healthy, but small
  13. :smoking:there looking nice to me as there my first seeds i ever planted lol:D
  14. I asked if you're using nutes :p
  15. ooo shit sorry mate i scrolled down and missed that bit sorry

    iv started using OLD TIMER BLOOM 3-5-4 for the last 8 day or so upping the dose slowly
  16. the buds have a very fruity smell.

    day 24 010.jpg

    day 24 011.jpg

    day 24 009.jpg
  17. 3 day up date on buds

    day 27 001.jpg

    day 27 004.jpg

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