5 weeks flowering and dying now?? Help PLEASE!!

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  1. I thought it was normal yellowing and leaf loss as it used nutrients but no it looks like it is getting way out of hand and is unnatural. I dunno but it got bad fast. Is there anything I can do or should do?? She is the only one I have. :-(

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  2. ive had this happen to me. Its a pH lockout of phosphorus in your soil. Soon they will develope spotting due to a Ca lockout. Flush your soil and adjust pH of water in order to reach a runoff pH of 6.4-6.5
  3. How exactly do I flush my plants? I have to check the size of my pot, but some say to run 3 times the pots size of water run through to soil to flush. Some say to just run clean water through until the runoff is clear. I am not sure who to beleive or what to do but at the very least I want to flush my plant because I don't have anything on hand to test pH and won't for at least a week unfortunately. Worst case scenario do I just ride it out or will the bud just be terrible? I switched to normal water this past Saturday though so hopefully I will be on the right track. Ugh... :-( Don't wanna lose my only gal...
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  4. The only reason you want to flush is to get the ph between 6.2-6.8. If you don't have a ph tester than it's no use to flush your soil.
  5. Pour a bunch of water over em'. It's not a science, rednecks do it all the time. Just do it fast. Bottled water if you have it, because the PH is usually set to a decent level. I would start by pouring enough to start run off... then pour a pint or so in every 2-3 minutes. Just make sure when you do this afterwards you let them drip drain well for a half hour or so. You don't want them to sit them back down when your soil is like mud.

    Beyond the lockout... which I have never had because I tend to "undernute" my ladies...

    HEAT...HEAT...HEAT....... How hot is it in that bitch? And also... maybe phos isnt the issue. What ferts in what ratios are you giving them... It seems like you may still be giving them "plantfood"... or veg/grow nutes rather then budding nutes. Im probably wrong though.

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