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5 weeks flower - ready to harvest?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by spamjessie, Jan 11, 2010.

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    My plants look ready to harvest at 5 weeks of flower. The colas are massive and very sticky and frosty. I have checked the trichomes with a 100x microscope and there are some clear, some cloudy, and some amber. I cut a bud off it tonight and dried it in the oven and I'm well out my trumpet. I let my first grow go too long and it was a shit smoke - I don't want the same thing happening to this grow. My main question is: is it possible for a plant to be ready to harvest after only 5 weeks? :confused:

    many thanks in advance.
  2. It is possible but i doubt it is the case here... Any pictures would first help greatly. Dirt or hydro? Lights... nutes... type of seed... many things we would need to know to better access this situation.
  3. You would have to let it go 10-14 TOO FAR to begin to loose potency... 3 or 4 days can give you a boost in potency. What I'm saying is; time is on your side... I'd wait to AT LEAST see what a week can bring... TAKE PHOTOS not only for our sake but so you can better see the changes.
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    many thanks for the replies.

    I have uploaded some photos... 3 pics of the same plant.

    Setup: Wardrobe grow
    Skunk #1
    250w HPS
    Grown in a pot - soil and vermiculite
    Flower start date: 9th December (began 12/12 on 2nd December)

    Nutes: Biogrow for veg / Biobloom for flower (used some biogrow with biobloom between 3rd and 4th week of flowering as I was losing a lot of leaves - yellowing).

    The plant also showed some male flowers in early flower (I think it was a high temp issue - I have since fixed it). I picked the male flower (balls / nuts) off and they haven't come back.

    Looking forward to your advice. Cheers...

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  5. do you not have any issues using your 100x microscope for viewing the tric's?
    i have a 60x scope and wish it had a little less magnification. like in the 30x range or something..
  6. In most cases, skunk is a 8 week strain. I have had phenotypes finish in 6 - 7 though. Judgng by the pics, I would run water for a week, then nothing for 3 days or so and they should be just right.

    Allowing a plant to go too long does not harm potency, unless it was literally months too long or it was exposed to a mild frost in an outdoor environment. Could it be you just did not like the taste? Flavor can be effected greatly going a week or so longer; it becomes more spicey and hashy tasting, which can be slightly harsh. Potency is not effected, if anything it is slightly more potent.
  7. i would follow less's advice, as skunk#1 is a relaibe strain....5 weeks im not sure:confused: if it was week 6 going on 7 then maybe i would harvest but not at 5 weeks...im on the same schedule and ive seen a dramatic growth for week 5-7 and now im debating on cutting at week 8 as my starin goes for 8-10weeks....like others have said i would keep a close watch and check the trich's 2x's a weeks...as the trich's will help you determine the type of high....but it looks like your doing the right thing cuz that plants looks great by a 250W standard...keep it up :D
  8. Hi,
    thanks for the advice. I will do as suggested and flush for a week and then see how things look from there. The reason I started to think that my plant may have matured quicker than normal is because of other plant pics I had seen at 5 weeks flower. Most of the plants I looked at had much smaller buds than my plant - especially the colas, and looked about the same as what my plant looked at the end of week 3 of flower. I have absolutely no idea why this should be as I'm relatively new to this game.

    As for the question asked by mcinnc - microscope question, my 100x microscope is fine but you need to actually touch the bud with it to see the trichomes.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to look and for the advice.

    Good luck to all in 2010...
  9. With the info that your plant matured early I would SERIOUSLY think about revegging her (after you harvest 75% of the plant) and doing it all over again. I just did this to my 2 bagladies... I might give them a bit of pollen this time or just another decent harvest!!:smoking:
  10. Revegging sounds like a good idea. How do I reveg the plant after harvesting?
  11. I just cut mine down about 75% ( the more you leave the quicker the plant can turn around) and then stuck her under 24/0. Now I've since read an article in which its recommended that between any phase to put the plant into a 48 - 72 hr dark phase (resets the plants clocks. as opposed to the plant taking 2 weeks to adjust - or more). The next time I'll dark them for 48.
    I do have 2 males (just identified - One Blue Diesel and 1 Killing Kush - thus far) that I'm thinking of taking bag1 and placing her by one of them (not certain IF or which). I'm reluctant to kill my males (I've isolated them to an outside shed) as I don't want to get rid of a purple pheno (if one of them is purple)...
    Too many decisions!! lol

    Hope your enjoying your grow

  12. looking really good buddy nice work:) imo she still doesnt look as if shes reached full maturity, givin her another week or 2 would definatley be benificial imo.
  13. I have already started to flush with water only - 2 days. I was going to flush for two weeks. What do you's think?
  14. Yes, flush for 2 more weeks. Your girl is looking very lovely so be patient and let it ripen. I know how damn tempting it is to just hack it down and start smokin', but it doesn't work that way. Patience is a virtue, especially when growin' herb. ;)
  15. Hi,
    waited for the 2 weeks as suggested and done a partial harvest, and then another week before finally harvesting the lot -- excellent smoke, very strong. Thanks for the advice.

    I have a new question now though. I have a couple of G13 crossed with something (not sure what). Anyway, I put these to flower same time as my skunk and I have harvested some of the smaller buds although I'm not too sure if they are ready. I have now noticed new growth appearing on my buds -- is this normal, or am I leaving these plants too long? (they are about 66 days flower).

    Thanks in advance...
  16. It would be very helpful to know the other half of the cross. If Skunk was used, you are probably close, they are abou 8-10 wks, if it was Northern Lights, it is probably real close if not finished, if it waas Haze, then you have a few more weeks since most G-13 Haze I hav seen take at least 12 wks.
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    thanks for the reply. I have uploaded some pics regarding the question about growth on buds... My friend mentioned that they were G13 x Mr Nice -- not sure about this. Most of the trichomes are cloudy -- not many amber, not many clear. I was going to chop a few days ago until I noticed this new growth on the buds -- now I don't know what to do.

    Any help -- much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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  18. I'd wait on 30-50% amber trichs to harvest, the extra time will be worth it
  19. Mr Nice is G-13 X Hashplant. Given this information, I would say you are about ready to harvest; it all depends on how you prefer your bud now. A high percentage of cloudy with low percentage of amber is a more mellow and energetic kind of high. The more amber the trichs get, the more couchlock like the high will become. It is a matter of personal preference now.
  20. Not true...sorry this is a old thread just can't stand wrong information ... amber triches 30% to 50% it loses thc... couch lock is isn't because of amber trichomes... clear is immature not so phsycoative. Cloudy is when its at full potentential for thc .

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