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5 weeks clean, then a gram, then drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by extensive, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. So I got a campus job for when college starts on the 25th. I have a big event coming up on the 21st of august, and I really wanna smoke it up. I'm going to be using probably a gram of mids. If Ive been clean 5 weeks prior to this 1 gram smoke day, will my drug test show positive if I take a drug test 4 days after i smoke the gram. so It would look like this

    ..........clean for 5 weeks.......smoke a gram in one day.....drug test 4 days after gram was smoked.

    Will i pass the drug test?

    (Assuming I get alot of exercise and drink alot of water within the 4 days)

    Any suggestions for getting it out of my system faster in the 4 days?
  2. Well, since you have been clean for 5 weeks, and I am assuming would be clean up to the event on the 21st you are looking at a long time of being clean. So the 1g that you do smoke, wouldn't last as long in your system as opposed to only being clean for like 3 days. Assuming that you work out, drink water, etc afterwords you may pass the drug test but there is never any guarantee. You always have to accept the risk that you might fail, that or piss before you smoke and store the clean piss.
  3. I wouldn't expect to be able to smoke a gram of weed and piss clean 4 days later, unless it's particularly lousy weed. A bowl or two, sure. But not a whole damned gram.
  4. you will most likely pass 5 weeks is a long time and 1 gram is not alot.
  5. thanks for the feedback guys. me and my buddy are going to the renaissance festival so i really want to toke there xD

    Im only getting mids.. plus i might not even smoke a gram.

    after you smoke and you wanna get clean faster, is there any type of common/grocery store drink or food item that will help?
  6. I wouldnt risk it. You didnt smoke for 5 weeks, but now your going to 4 days prior to the test? Just hold off untill after the test, then super blaze up no worries. Thats the best feeling lol.
  7. wow dude you waited 5 weeks... why?

    And to smoke 4 days before a drug test is not a responsible idea at all.... I would kick my self in the face if I failed because of that. Personally I'd have a nice good sesh sometime this week... your call though man! :bongin:

  8. this..
  9. You most likley can smoke it and still pass the drug test if you just drink alot of water and work out and shit. But don't risk it its a pretty stupid choice..
  10. Do not intentionally smoke 4 days before a drug test.

    Glad I could help.:wave:
  11. this 2 time

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