5 week old plant. Can you tell gender?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SativaBleu, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. IMG_5909.JPG IMG_5910.JPG IMG_5911.JPG anyone see anything?
  2. You Can't tell sex until you flower them you don't want to flower that it's way too small

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  3. If i flower him or her now, will it die?
  4. in another week or two if you look towards the top of the plant by the leaf nodes and by stipples you may be able to see a pre-flowers it will look like an onion with two white hairs coming out the top of it ,,then its female if you see little round balls growing on stems its a male plant ,,,,,,,,,,mac...
  5. No you just won't get very much bud that's super small homie should be huge right now I have some 31 and 33 days old mine are autos but there 10-20xs the size

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  6. you can put it in to flower at any time really ,,,but earlier you flower the plant the smaller the yeild ,,,,,mac,,
  7. What kind of light are you using?
  8. for the first 2 weeks, only sun light. and for about 3 weeks, its been getting 3 CFL lights. 1600 lumens each
  9. How many actual watts? The CFL's are probably why it's so small at 5 weeks.
  10. 23 watts each
  11. Yeah, that's 69 watts total. That's gonna be hard to get much out of.
  12. I only want to get like an ounce of weed out of it. I have no carbon filter. Is it possible?
    I dont want it to reek so thats why im growing small. Should i start flowering them ?
  13. may get close to 1 oz
    if you hang the cfl vertical round the plant L = Light, P = plant

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  14. will an ounce or two stink the whole neighborhood?
    Im in a townhome. corner unit. away from any neighbors really.

    also, do I just do 12hr/12hr cycle and thats it?
    anything else that needs to be done other than feeding them bat guano every other day (1 spoonful mixed in soil) and water it about 30ml every two days.

    Is that okay?
  15. sorry mate have no ideal about bat guano
    weed does smell strong in late flower but one single small plant, open pot of ONA GEL should reduce the Oder down to a safe level, would keep it away from the plant (5ft +) and use a oscillating fan to mix the air
  16. oh yeh, you need to soak all the soil and let it dry out (could be 3-7 days) , as the roots grow you will need to water more often
  17. I think Im going to give it one more week in veg state abd then start flowering process.
    But do you think its mature enough right now to produce 1 oz? I would not wait another week then
  18. not going to make any difference with your set up, i would hang the top of the bulb just above the very top of the plant (less than 1" (inches) and no more than 2" (inches)away from the side of the plant as you need to get one main cola 10-12" long and as thick as you can
  19. You know that during the 12 hours off, the plant needs complete darkness for 12 hours, right? Any light getting to the plant during those 12 hours will mess it up. I don't think it's big enough to flower yet and personally I wouldn't try it without more powerful lights.

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