5 week old haze plant

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  1. I planted this baby around 5 weeks ago, right from germ to outdoors, look spretty good, doe sit look far behind were it should be to you guys, not an expert grower so i wouldn't know, also will the otehr random small plants around it effect it, they are obviously not weed i just want to know if i should pull them all out i fthey ar egoing to effect it's growth or yeild.

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  2. wow, for 5 week that looks very far behind. I doubt it is receiving proper lighting, try indoor a little?

    or do you live with your parents?
  3. well... it doesnt look bad... if thats your one and only plant that could be a reason. Its probably lonely lol yea it looks far behind for five weeks but it wont after those new leaves fill out. anyways the lil plants shouldnt affect its growth or anything.:cool: There is nothing wrong with your plant.​
    p.s. back off on the watering.. let it almost completely dry out in between waterings or you'll have trouble with it in the long run peace.
  4. i could just hav b een really high when i planted it because i don't remember when i did, atually i think it's only a little over 3 weeks, sorry i didn't write down the exact date, but i no that i did it on a weekend and i hav eno benchmark to base my time off of other than 420 and i know i planted it before then, so to you guys how old doe sit look, i also know that it couldn't be a sunlight becaus eit gets direct sunlight for most of the day while the sun is actually up.
  5. Dude you're doing just fine. My cousin planted last year like 14 plants and at 1 month they looked exactly alike your's after harvesting he said it smoked perfectly good. Your fine don't worry, about the weeds just like rip them out. Where im from our soil is soft as ever so they just come right out.
  6. one month and look like that? are you kidding? it only looks about one week old...

  7. See the part of this where it say ur doing fine. DON'T READ IT
    I now mine is different but Im going into flower about 30 days after germination.It should be at lease 8"and branches.
  8. Sure you don´t mean 5 DAY old plant???
  9. do you remeber his yeild by any chance, just an approximation, and how many plants did he have, o btw this isn't my only plant, it's just away from teh rest so i don't have one spot that is easily noticed

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