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  1. Thanks for any help. I have read several articles but still making sure. Both the arrows pointing to the #1. Are these additional normal growths during the vegetation stage? And secondly, the arrow pointing to #2? Signs of flowering? I am not positive so any help is greatly appreciated. This plant stays outdoors. Sex had not yet been determined. It stands about 13 inches.

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  2. 1)Yes

    looks green....have fun....

  3. I agree, looks very healthy.
    You will have to force flowering to determine sex, you can return it to veg state once known.

  4. Ditto

    If its an outdoor plant, you still have some time to wait until it starts to show its sex. The summer solstice was just a week ago and there is now less and less sunlight each day. But not enough of a decrease in light to trigger sexing just yet.
  5. This isnt a reply......
    Just curious to know what's tha deal with #2????????Why is it doing that??????like branching off????? and where in tha hell are tha buds xposed to come off tha plant at???? can some one please post a picture of a plant that just started budding or a pic of some buds on a plant???????? Ive had this plant for around 3 and a half months and nothing yet.....
    IT looks pretty fuckin healthy, If some body didnt steal my digi. cam at a keG party i threw a few weekz ago, Id send yall a pic of it....................
  6. #2 is normal growth...flowering begins when the light has been reduced to 12 hrs on 12 hrs off,,until then it grows vegetation.

    plenty of budpics to look at in the pic forum...

    have fun

  7. DaUmN, I ThoUghT It WaS SoMeThiNg GooD...
    But, n e wayz, I still have that same plant......Thank God! My Dad Found my grow box and waited untill i awoken to confront me about em,He said I QUOTE: YOU HAVE 2 CHOICES GIMME THA PLANTS OR IM CALLIN THA POLICE.I had three plantz in all, so i gave him tha 2 littler ones wich were about 1 foot max but they were still lookin good, then he's like alright now gimme tha 3rd one.Im like hell naw bitch kall tha copz I DONT GIVE A FUCK!!!! SO he took tha 2 plantz and said he wuz going down to tha police department to turn me in, In tha mean time i took my baby and i moved it to a feild down my street..... Its raining alot over here and im woried about it.... Itz like 2 foot tall and got crytalz all ova tha leavez and well,COULD THA RAIN HURT IT???? I put a lil hole in tha pot so it wouldnt fill up with water,but i dunnno if it will work???? CAN SOME ONE HITT ME BACK ON THIS LIKE SOON????? AND BY THA WAY MY BITCH AZZ BUDDAH KILLIN DAD NEVER KALLED THA COPZ! IM STILL FIGHTING WITH HIM OVER IT.......
  8. lol sry but the fight sound funny. kinda like my dad...well if you could make like a roof like thing so the water dripped of the roof to the ground and the root could come out and suck up the water and stuff. i am a newbie. sooooooo..good luck
  9. im not replying but can anyone help me? i need something to eliminate odors in a green house. i heard that the smell gets very strong in greenhouses and big heat situations and i have a big heat prob.in the greenhouse im going to grow in it gets alomost like 100 to 110 degrees! the odor with be very strong especialy becase im planting some sensi skunks! and does anyone have some opinoins on how to keep my plant healthy and not dry out? some plants in the green house are poking out of the walls for the out side and they look very well.but thats like black berrys and stuff. but they look good and have no water inside.i dont know but ill prob only plant like 3 just in case.ok thanks in advance!!!

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