5 things you want to do before you die

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  1. If you knew you didnt have much time what are five things you would do before you die.

    for me
    1.let my fam kno i love them
    2.thank anyone for anything they have done
    3.try to get a date with scarlet johanson or that girl from quarintine 2.
    4.travel the world and blow all my money
    5.light up.a jay on mt everest(i would bring a blow torch or some shit) or in a glass boat above the great barrier reef.

    and if I had a chance maybe meet some of my idols to see if there douchbags or not
  2. We already have the GC bucket list.

    But since i already posted, might as well post what you want.

    1. Smoke a blunt with Dave Chappelle.
    2. Go to the pyramids in Egypt
    3. Smoke with Graham Hancock
    4. Go to Africa for some sessions of Ayuasca
    5. Discover the meaning of life.
  3. 1. Graduate from college
    2. Get a job using my degree
    3. Own my own house/property
    4. Travel the world
    5. Die doing something that makes me happy
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    Help legalize weed
    Find my religion
    Become a rock/techno/rapper celeberity
    O 5 uhhhh
    Have a three way
    Drive a car worth over 100000$$$
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    1. Smoke on top of a mountain
    2. Go skydiving
    3. Hear "Fade To Black" by Metallica in concert
    4. Smoke with jack black and kyle gass
    5. Start a Metal band and get big and do world tours and shit

  6. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mXBbVc4Df8]‪Metallica - Fade to Black (1985)‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    Gotcha covered on #3 bruh! :p
  7. 1. Smoke a 1/4oz J with The Rev. (Avenged Sevenfold drummer, yes I know he's dead)
    2. Smoke a J with my Grandpa, I'd love to hear his stories.
    3. Go skydiving.
    4. Experience the 'Mile High Club'
    5. Travel to every country in the world.
  8. Grow my own weed
    Try every drug, to within reason
    Have children
    Travel, hike away from civilisation for at least a month
    See weed legalised
  9. In no order of importance

    1. Change my name to something crazy
    2. Threesome with Rachel Starr and Alexis Texas
    3. Somehow film pineapple express again and I'm in it
    4. Meet Chris Andersen (NBA player)
    5. Go up to this faggot named Jacob and just beat the shit outta him

  10. This is also something I've always wanted to do. It's be cool to experience having to catch and cook your own food, having to fend for yourself, and having to build your own civilization.
  11. Before I die, I want to

    1: Move to a small country, where family and friends are still more important than possessions and money, on the outskirts of a small town/market

    2:Shop at the market every morning for fresh food, live a slower life

    3: Get married there

    4: Raise my kids there, see them have a more normal childhood than the one I had

    5: I can die happy
  12. 1. raise my daughter the best i can
    2. see the Grand Canyon
    3. go to Sturgis (or any) bike rally
    3. get married
    4. own a house
    5. write a book

    can i have more than 5? :)

    6. become a counselor or get into a career i find rewarding
    7. visit all 50 states.. got quite a few already
    8. see marijuana legalized
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  14. 1. Buy a pound of OG Kush
    2. Get rich (lived semi-poor all my life, plus I want to give my children a good life.)
    3. Travel to California and stay for 4 weeks
    4. Meet Wiz Khalifa
    5. Travel to a new dimention
  15. Save a life.
    Take a life (Stab a guy who is robbing a convince store or something like that).
    Drift RWD Japanese imports
    Invent something useful.
    Raise a daughter.

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