5 Scientific Therioes That Will Blow Your Mind

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  1. o hai

  2. Did you read the article?
  3. i read the article and wanted to cut my head off
  4. I just kinda felt like my life had no meaning for a really really really long fucking time.
  5. I kinda liked the whole cat in a box with a 50/50 chance of there being a poison gas in there so there is a dead/alive cat in a box with/without poison gas in there until you open the box and look at it and make it make a choice as to what it is, or if it even is at all.
  6. great thread i rated it :)

    some of the therioes i've read before and its good i read a fw that i didnt know so thanks a lot

    you know that if you run around a tree in the speed of light you can see your back?
    did you know that if you run around a tree faster then the speed of light you can *hit* yourself? like hit your self and fall?
  7. Ill start training now to run that fast haha.

    One of the things that really got me was if we understood atoms and particles further could we teleport wherever we wanted by understanding the relationship of where alternate particles are?
  8. i just want you guys to know that this would involve the atoms in your body, stretching out around the entire tree while spinning as fast as your running.

    hit a bong before you try this.
    (it will feel awesome.)
  9. Man i've been thinking about that for so long. But is it a 50/50 RANDOM chance, or is there a 5th dimensional tarp-like thing that everything is attached to, but it's just a net of 5th dimensional probability differences/changes that affect where the wavefunctions of certain bodies collapse together at certain points to create events.

    It's all relative though, so I wonder if there is an ideal place to measure differences in


  10. If anyone is feeling their life has no meaning just use this one:

    The meaning of life is to make your and everyone else's life as enjoyable as possible while it lasts.

  11. I think you're onto to something.

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