5 Real Deleted Bible Scenes In Which Jesus Kicks Some Ass

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  1. Imagine how different the world would be if these gospels had been included. The Western world was pretty much shaped by the choice selection of gospels to include in the New Testament.

    Also Jesus was just like the kid in the Omen in these gospels. lol. :bongin: :smoking::smoking:
  2. This is my opinion.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtiMw0-akAM]Jesus Was a Mushroom - YouTube[/ame]
  3. why is this in politics?
  4. The Bible is a fairy tale with no relevance to our world today.

    Jesus if he ever even existed was a charlatan who managed to convince a group of fishermen that he had supernatural powers IMO.
  5. [quote name='"Jamayah"']why is this in politics?[/quote]

    Maybe cause if these were included in the bible politics would be very different today.

  6. Okay, Ionic and James, explain now.
  7. There is a general consensus among the history community that Jesus was not only a real person, but some events depicted in The Bible almost certainly happened, mainly his baptism and his crucifixion.

    You don't need to believe in magical fairy tales, but don't be so closed-minded as to ignore history. You also shouldn't ignore the fact that it is still a relevant piece of literature considering how pervasive it is in our society. Nobody is saying you need to believe it (I don't), but you still ought to recognize it for what it is.
  8. Okay, well being baptized and crucified isn't magical in anyway, which doesn't detract from his statement. How is it closeminded to reject fairy tales...?
  9. hokey religions and ancient texts are no match for a good bong at your side kid.
  10. He was acting as if there was no historical evidence for the existence of Jesus by saying "if he even existed".

    I didn't say it was closed-minded to reject fairy tales, I said it was closed-minded to reject history (denouncing the existence of Jesus) and relevance (a lot of people still follow Christianity) because he doesn't like it.

    I don't believe that anything written in The Bible is the word of God. I don't believe Jesus was our savior. I don't believe, if there is a god, it would be the Judeo-Christian/Islamic God. I'm not trying to convince anyone to believe in The Bible or Him, I'm just saying don't be so anti-religious as to reject history.
  11. I don't see how it's antireligious to reject the existence a non magical, non deity, or what significant influence a 2,000 year old Jew has other than have other people convinced he was god. sorry to have made a big deal about it
  12. imagine how bad things would be if it was actually in the christian right wings ideology to be violent.
  13. If you can't see the influence of Jesus and Christianity throughout the entire world then there is something wrong.

    I consider myself an atheist or agnostic, and I really dislike people like you two who can't leave well enough alone. You give the rest of us a bad name. You don't need to berate others for believing in something, and you really ought to understand the historical significance of both Christianity and Jesus.

    If you can't wrap your head around the fact that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam represent ~55% of the world's population and that these ideas influence world politics then I think I'm done talking to you.
  14. I know what kind of people you are talking about. I'm not one of those people.

    I certainly do recognize the influences of Christianity in Western society, especially in Europe.

    I'm not berating anyone. I don't know why you're overreacting. We're saying the same thing.

    Seriously.... what the hell? I don't really care what people believe in.
  15. there are no scenes in the bible, its not a movie or book....wait it is a book
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    First off, there is no credible first hand account of the existence of Jesus. Just because historians have come to a consensus that there was most likely a person named Jesus, they have no actual evidence other than the hysteria that has surrounded that name for several millennia. So blindly agreeing that Jesus was absolutely a real person is wrong, because the evidence just isn't there. However, history has lots of gray area and assumptions have to be made until further evidence is found.

    Secondly, it is absolutely the obligation and right of every free thinking person to point out the atrocities and harm caused by belief systems. Religious beliefs have caused more harm and death than anything else (with exception of disease). And there is absolutely no evidence for any of them. Any moral person able to break free from their childhood indoctrination should be outspoken against it. In my opinion it is you that give the rest of us nonbelievers a bad name by complacently sitting around while Muslims and Christians kill each other in Africa over which unproven mythology is right and should be pushed forcibly on the people.

    Yes, the great monotheistic religions effect our world, our ideas, and our politics...but it hasn't been for the better. If you can't understand that then you too are part of the problem, whether you believe in any gods or not.
  17. At least Thor had a hammer.
  18. Jesus was merely a man who said you didn't need to pay a tax to the church to be forgiven, he believed that Everyman had good in his heart. In my opinion he was a man a lot like Ghandi in a much more primal world so his ideas revolutionized a very nieve society

  19. You don't know what the hell Jesus said. It was 70 years before anyone wrote down what he said and odds are no one remembered what he truly said. Think about the lifespan of people back then. Odds are, everyone who even saw Jesus was dead already.

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