5 plants in czech republic

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by tr1ton88, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. i ve heard that you can have up to 5 cannabis plants in czech republic as long as they are for personal use only. yield can differ widely with 5 plants. whats the max yield i m allowed to have ?

  2. it says that you can posess up to 15 gramms dried marijuana but with 5 plants it will be hard to harvest less than 15 gramms dried.
  3. So you grab a few canning jars, put your pot in them and bury them in the back yard! Then grab about a half ounce/15 grams at a time out of them! No prob!
  4. yes but lets say plants are in full bloom and total weight of the buds would be 400 grams and police finds it. what will happen then? is it legal ?
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    you're like the coolest granny ive seen :D and im serious
  6. more tolerant than the UK
    ahh one day

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