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5 or 10 gallon bucket

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by zuesbaker, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. so,im starting this DWC system and im trying to figure out if there is a difference in yield between using a 5gallon or a 10gallon bucket. 5 or 10? thanks,you guys been help to me.

  2. As far as yield goes, your better off with a 10 gallon, and this is because you will have more space for the root ball to grow in the rez. 
    When using a 5 gallon bucket, you only use about 3 gal. of water once the net pot is in, doesn't leave a lot of room for growth, I also find a higher volume of water a lot easier to stabilize the PH and PPM's.  
  3. Its best to step up in sizes. Slightly restricting the roots so they ball up or mat is a practice I read about to help speed up growth. You don't want the plants to become overly root bound but you don't want the roots going straight out like a one way street; if you step up pot sizes then you'll get a nice tree branch like root growth. Start with a five gallon and if you find your plants are needing more space then step up to a ten but just make sure you can get the root ball out safe before you attempt a dwc transplant. Most growers wont be able to get a ten gallon root ball so five would be fine to start with.
  4. Depends on how long you need to veg to get the space filled during the transition to flowering but unless you plant to fill the space with just a few huge plants, then 5 gallon is plenty to get max yield.

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