5 OG cheese feminized 6/9/19

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    New indoor run for the summer

    Strain - OG CHEESE feminized from seedsman

    Fox farm trio for nutes

    Fox farms soil

    Bloom booster (still need to buy one lol)

    2- 600 watt viparspectra and 1 - 54 watt black magic led board ala Home Depot

    Going from root plugs to solo cups and finally to 5 gallon smart pots

    It’s been awhile since my last run, last run ended before it started from mites killing my seedlings. But I have been thoroughly treating with neem oil for about a month prior to starting and have no signs of them anymore.

    I’ll be updating periodically with photos

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  3. Seedling have been transplanted to solo cups and this will officially mark day one of my OG cheese grow 6/9/19

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    Update it’s day 5 seedlings are doing well the second set of leaves are out and the third I think will be out in a day or 2, I can’t figure out how to post pics on the app tho
    Anyone who can help for iPhone?

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  5. Hey yes I have pics in my phone but I can’t figure out how to post them on the app

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  6. Today is day 10 seedlings are looking good 3rd set of leaves out and 4th coming in looking real healthy

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  7. Got it here they are day 10 since popping out

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  8. Seem pretty healthy
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  9. Got all 5 transplanted to their final 5 gallon smart pots 4 are looking good 1 is looking like the runt of the liter

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  10. Thanks dude , what led lights can I get that are good for under $100?
  11. Both I guess
  12. Either or I just want to upgrade after this run
  13. So each of those vipars are about 260W ea. Not super awesome efficiency but 520W total in the tent. With $100 budget you're not going to get much to replace it. So I would add to it. I would add 2 more squares of something like a quantum board and array them in a square of squares 2x2 but I don't know what you're going to get for $50 ea. So I'd probably try to chinese box light (box with holes and a fan) and get something with a warm white spectrum and blend it with the blurple.
  14. Looking good in there.
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  15. Plants got their first feeding last night at 1/4 recommended strength 6/25/19

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  17. Update it’s day 17 or 18 and all plants seem ok, except for this guy has a little discoloring on the new leaves any ideas on what it may be?

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  18. Day 20, temps have been getting to about 60 at night and I did t catch it till today, I think it’s slowed me down quite a bit. I gota adjust that ac

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