5 Maroc Outdoor x 5 Shamen Outdoor

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by prodigy, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Hay people. Its a new year and as usual the best time in the year, the begginnng of growing, lol. We'll for the UK anyway. I will be positing a grow journel of some little beasts as the months progress however I will give youthe low down so far. I have 5 Maroc and 5 Shamen, I had chose Maroc due to the short flowering period and the english summer finishing earlier then average and with us hoping to have a later summer means a good finishing period for these little babies and hopefully no MOLD. The Shamen I chose due to a experienced grower recomending the stuff as he has himself done so in the Uk. It is a 10 plant grown in a confined area and I will give some pics soon of it. One question is that I have been monitoring the climate at present in the UK and I think I need to wait till about Beginning of may as the climate is not as of yet above 15 c. Do you think I should wait or do you think I should germionate and pot them a week before may, hit me back with your replys Many thanks.:hello: :wave: :smoking:
  2. definintely inside for the week if you can do it. it really helps the plants get established before exposing them to the elements.

    IMO, without question start then inside. what type of lights will you be using inside?
  3. thats the problem, If I do decide to do it inside I will only be able to do it until they have rooted as I will be using the old window sill. I do have a 400w but due to recent arisen circumstance it isn't worth the risk so if I start them off it will literally be starting the off, until they are about 2 inchs ish. One probelm I was thinking is the change in soil temp shocking the roots. I thought a good way around this would be to slowly decerease ( very slighty) the temp of the water I am giving them, I think it might allow them to adjust more when i am rooting them????????:smoke: :hello: :wave:

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