5 LSD's, 1 each of Sharksbreath, Cole Train, Sour Cream (under lights on 9-8)

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    Grow Room Setup: Have the babies growing in a crawl space that is only accessible from my room. Have them under 6500k CFLs for now and I plan to use an HPS when flowering. You can probably see from the pics that I utilize plenty of African American engineering.

    Light Cycle: Have them on 24/0 right now, probs will change to 18/6 soon.

    Last Watering: Watered them all on 9/12 with a half dose of FF Big Bloom.

    Soil: Ocean Forest

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  2. LSD

    Here are the 5 LSD's. Some of them have some browning on the leaves but I'm not too worried about it because this seemed to happen on my last grow of LSDs. Last pic shows the browning.

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  3. Sharksbreath/Sour Cream/Cole Train

    The pics are in the same order as above. None of them are showing brown spots like some of the LSD are. I think the Sharksbreath is looking the best (first pic) :smoking:

    Look forward to any and all feedback! I'm pretty inexperienced!

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    Day 13 Veg

    Everyone is looking pretty good. Some LSDs are showing some brown spots on the leaves, gonna nut them soon. Also started LSTing 4 of them, 3 LSDs and the Cole Train. Sharkbreath (last picture) is looking way bushier than the others.

    Any advice on whats going on with the burn marks on the leaves would be awesome!

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  5. 30 Days Vegging, Day 1 of Flowering

    Been LSTing them all now, they are adjusting well. Just added a ton of light and kicked them into flowering starting bedtime tonight. Also transplanted them into 3 gallon square pots for spacing. Added dolomite lime to the soil mix to help with pH.

    The first picture is Cole Train (really bushy). The last two pictures are of Sharksbreath (thick). I just bent them so that is why the leaves are pointing outwards....

    Appreciate any feedback

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  6. Day 13 Flowering: LSD

    They all just recently started showing some female preflowers! I didn't use nuts since the beginning because they were getting too much from the FF soil anyways, but I just started nuting them tonight. I watered with half dose of FF Tiger Bloom and FF Big Bloom. Temperature ranges from 74-84 during the day time with lights on, and I will find out the temperature range when it is dark in there tomorrow when I check the thermometer. Other then that, the LST is working very well on all of them. I didn't top any of them.

    This is the pictures of LSD, the other plant pics will be in the next few posts.

    1. Overall shot of the grow room.
    2. One of the LSDs from the side
    3. One of the stems resulting from the LST
    4. Another side shot of an LSD
    5. Close up of some preflowers! All 8 have some.

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  7. Day 13 Flowering: Cole Train

    Cole Train isn't spacing out as nicely as I would like, I've had to tie down a lot of the side stems. Still looks like a lot of bud sites though. Resembles LSD a lot.

    1. Top shot of Cole Train
    2. Side view of Cole Train

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  8. Day 13 Flowering: Sharksbreath

    Sharksbreath is by far the bushiest strain I have. The nodes are mad close together and it is difficult to bend for LST. Tons of bud sites in the undergrowth though as you can see.

    1. Overhead shot
    2. Shot of the Sharksbreath undergrowth right beneath the top leaves.
    3. Side view of Sharksbreath

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  9. Day 13 Flowering: Sour Cream

    Sour Cream is probably the best looking plant out of all. Has tons of preflowers and has spaced out its bud sites perfectly, as you can see from the overhead shot.

    1. Top view of the nicely spaced bud sites.
    2. Side shot.
    3. View of the stem from LST.

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  10. This is my first real grow, would really like some responses to give me an idea how I'm doing!
  11. bump i want feedback, not understanding the silence comparatively!
  12. Hey now!
    Things are lookin' mighty good for you my friend! Now that your ladies are flowering, this will test your patience, haha. I'm just finishing up a grow, check out my thread below. I veged at 24/0 then when I put mine in flowering mode, I switched my lights to 12/12. Now that I'm getting really close to finishing, I put my lights on 10/14. I did my final heavy flush and I water now with plain cold water. Hope you have a great day! :wave:

  13. hey man your girls are lookin nice and healthy I got all those same strains you must have ordered those off the attitude around the same time I did... the cole train gets HUGE! and so does the sharks breath to a lesser extent... my cole train and sharks breath are both probably about 5 and half feet tall and the cole train will double in size while flowering... but you should really invest in some HIDs if you wanna max your grow and get the yields...

    you can stick with the 5 trillion CFL's for the veg if you want but HID's are a must for flowering...

    thats my input but I'll keep checkin back on ya tlowlife
  14. The problem I'm having with alternate lighting is the space, heat, and money. I have it set up now so each is getting generally 100W per plant, which is about required. I have an HPS blub from an old friend but I don't want to invest in an exhaust system/balast of any sort. I'm in a rental house so I can't really break down walls trying to vent. I'm growing in the crawl space attic so heat is hard enough to control.
  15. maybe you should look into getting a grow tent its like a portable closets and they come with ventilation inlets and outlets and you can control the environment very well and then when your done and ready to move you just fold it up and go...
  16. Day 25 Flowering: LSD

    Things are coming along well. Biggest problem: They are getting too big. Hopefully they stop growing soon, but I seem to always have issues with letting my plants get too big/trying to grow too many. I've been watering them with Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom every other watering (been watering every 4 days). Haven't hit full does of nuts yet, but that should start with the next watering. They have been handling nuts very well.

    1,2,3: Just general pictures of the grow room. Yes, I'm just flooding them all with CFLs.
    4: Side view of a good looking LSD
    5: Top view of the same one
    6: Bud site
    7: Bud site 2
    8: Close up
    9: Close up 2

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    Day 25 Flowering: Cole Train

    At this point, cole train is probably the best looking one I have. Very developed hairs and nice level canopy.

    1: Side shot
    2: Overhead
    3,4: Bud shots!
    5: Nice shot of CT and LSD next to each other

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  18. Day 25 Flowering: Sharksbreath

    Definitely the most underdeveloped. Its shooting up white hairs really slow. Might have had a light deficiency but I believe I've corrected it.

    1: Side shot
    2: Overhead
    3: Bud site, you see the underdevelopness compared to others
    4. Hairs

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    Day 25 Flowering: Sour Cream

    Sour Cream is still doing well. It has stretched a lot but all the buds are filling out nicely.

    1: Side shot
    2: Overhead
    3: Nice view of buds

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  20. What do you all think about the spacing of these girls?

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