5 LR x AK47 seeds, got some questions!

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  1. Hi!
    I recently bought 5 strains, Easy Ryder (Joint Doctor) feminized Which is an f1 cross between a Lowryder #2 and an automatic AK47.

    Aand I got some questions for my first grow.

    1. How much soil should I use, and should I mix it with something?

    2. Is fertilizers important?

    3. How much should I water the plants?

    4. How deep should the hole be?

    5. Should I use pots, or just put them in the soil/soilmix?

    6. Haha last ... How about lecca"balls"? Should I use them on top? ...

    Hmm thats all I could come up with so far . Hope you can help me!

    Thanks in advance, every answer is welcome!
    Have a good day.
    /B. :hello:
  2. are you growing indoors or out?
    im growing outdoort but germinating indoors and growing for about a week in a propagator in my back garden, then once good enough im transplanting to 7 litre pots and guerilla growing.
    im growing lowryder #2, and you need (if similar circumstances to me)
    organic composts (potting)
    earthworm castings
    all that costs about 30 pound

  3. seeing that this thread was posted in the outdoor gorw forum i take it that he will be growing outdoors:rolleyes:

    im also going to through some of these beans in some soil this weekend for experiment reasons. what you really need to do is check out the stickies if you have no clue on what your doing. but ill just lay out a basic guide of what im doing for this grow. maybe it will help...

    these seeds should be very easy to grow considering their short life span. i will germ them using paper towel method and than moved the cracked seeds into small plastic solo cups containing 70 coast of maine potting soil, 30 worm castings( with a sprinkle of some dolomite lime). let em go for a good week or so, than transplant into 3 gallon buckets into the same mix. water every few days, use some fertilizers from 2-3 weeks of first growth untill harvest. and that pretty much sums it up. But my real advice is read some stickies.:wave:

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