5-htp + weed. LIVE tonight.

Discussion in 'General' started by motion, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Just picked up 30 50mg 5-HTP caps from wally world. I'm going to eat 200mg , wait an 1 hour - 1 1/2 hours, and smoke a joint. 3 out 3 trip reports I've read state an easy (less weed), energetic, and mildly hallucinogenic high. 2 questions:

    1.) Is my dosage right (I'm 6'1 150lb)?
    2.) Anyone got any experience, and would like to add their knowledge?
  2. 0:00 (10pm) - 200mg 5-HTP ingested. Haven't ate in a good 2-2.5 hours.
  3. This will be interesting.
  4. Hopefully. :cool:
  5. I just did this the other week, too. Our height is about the same. I'm 6'2, but 200 lbs.

    I took 200 mgs my first time as well. You'll definitely feel it. :) Have fun. :)
  6. You were one of the ones that inspired me to do this. Thanks for getting fucked up!
  7. The only problem I noted during it, was in the beginning I felt mildly queasy. But, a few tokes from the bowl fixed that. :)

    Its more of a "refreshing" high than anything else. No real burnt out feeling.
  8. Hrm, i was actually thinking of picking this up tomorrow to attempt to treat some depression, but what exactly are the effects when mixed with weed? It's not my intentions to do, but if it's fun, why not? Do you really do minor hallucination? If I smoke will it be a completely different high, or similar with some idfferences?
  9. +1:02 (11:02pm) - About to smoke, I'll report back ASAP.
  10. yo what is it man gimmie the link motion im up for any halucinigenic

  11. Its more of an enhancement, you feel happier, more giggly, less tired, and weed becomes more potent.
  12. i forgot all about this but i think come friday, im picking up some of this from the grocery store or something. it usually comes in a bottle that says "5+htp" i believe right? fuck ya man
  13. hey man so whats happenin, you more blazed than a mofo?
  14. I bet he's too blazed to write back at this point. 5-htp is a damn fine way to enhance it. :)

    Of course this is all on someone's own free will. You can take too much 5-htp and end up with Seretonin Syndrome. Definitely not fun.

    Be careful with the dosages.
  15. just looked it up on erowid... I'm interested. you think all wal-marts carry it? what section of the meds is it in? (what's it next to?) price?
  16. check this out... 5-htp is also a sleep-aid, and I just found out tryptophan is also in various foods such as turkey and milk... that explains why turkey on thanksgiving and a warm glass of milk before bed make you tired! awesome.
  17. I've heard that to get enough tryptophan from eating Turkey you would need to eat like 10 whole ones or something. I gotta try out that 5-htp thing now though.
  18. lol I didn't mean for feeling euphoria, just the tiredness. yeah, i'd imagine it'd take an awful lot of turkey to get any euphoria. thanks for making this thread i'm going to pick up some of this at wal-mart in a few days.
  19. Yeah this stuff does work, at least for me. I only took 100mg a week or so ago and then only smoked a bowl...and that got me pretty fucked up for such a small amount of weed.
  20. Didn't do as much as I expected, but it enhanced it for sure. I got pretty blazed of a bong bowl and a pipe bowl. It was more of a really relaxing high, but I still had the energy to move about without fatigue. Maybe because it was mids?

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