5-htp + Niacin

Discussion in 'General' started by Jonsi, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Any reason these don't mix, or any reason why they would cancel out each others effects.

    Since some resent talk here on the boards about 5-htp, I decided to include it into my daily routine for the next few weeks, not for recreational purposes, but the actual usage. So I don't want to cancel it out. but I'm on day 1 of a month break, and want to get clean asap, so I'm using niacin as well. So I don't want to cancel any effects, and since both have appetite usages, I'm concerned if there will be any issues. Anyone know?
  2. Damn, pretty crazy coincidence. I just mixed the 2 today. I was reading on erowid that ensures that it doesn't get converted into something else or something of the likes. I took 100mg time release niacin and 150mg 5-htp. Felt a little nausea after about 15 minutes after downing them. About an hour later I had a slight buzz even. Almost exactly like being buzzed on bud. I smoked a joint of regs 2.5 hours after and im still high (2 hours ago).
  3. haha, that is weird.

    "Weight Loss medications (i.e., dextenfluramine)"

    I've seen that on a few websites in reference to what other medications should not be taken with 5-htp... is dextenfluramine similar to niacin?

    edit: Alright i see what you're talking about, "[SIZE=-1]Supplement Vitamin B3 (niacin) to prevent breakdown of 5-HTP to niacinamide" from Erowid as well... hrm interesting
  4. Pretty sure niacin won't cause any disruptions. It's found naturally in food, and an essential mineral for your body. Highly doubt it's related to dextenfluramine in any way, either. Just don't be taking the whole bottle, 100mg is already 500% of you daily value.
  5. I don't believe you have any reason to be worried. The brand of 5-HTP i have INCLUDES niacin as an ingredient. (they are a blend of 100mg 5-htp, 30mg niacin, and 50mg of another B vitamin.
  6. Hrm, guess that answers my question... lol
  7. How'd it go?
  8. I get a weird headache I havn't had while just taking niacin. And when I wake up, even after a full 8 hrs of sleep, I'm groggy as fuck. But those are just side effects.

    Maybe it's the placebo effect, but 5-htp seems to be somewhat effective. Either way, it's a nice change to not feel like shit every moment i have free time...
  9. Feel you on that, bro. Do you have depression?
  10. Unfortunately. Which is why I'm taking this 5-htp. I wasn't a big fan of Zoloft and shit like that, and I dont' even like going to psychiatrists, so when GC started talking about something otc that puts serotonin in the body I figured I'd try it. We'll see how it goes... but my biggest issue is that the reason I heard about it here is because people smoke and take it, and i guess it gives a different high... I'm not really interested in that effect of it, so when I smoke, I'll prolly have to cut my dosage for the day.

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