5-htp info/suppliers

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. i have read about 5-htp use in a few posts lately.

    i wanted to find more so i looked on erowid and couldn't find anything helpful. i googled it and only found some stuff about relieving depression (not tripping out and shit).

    is this shit like dxm or something?

    any info that you could give me along with suppliers and proper dosage (5'11, 160 lbs) would be grealy appreciated.
  2. It's a supplement you can find at GNC, Walmart (8.00$ for 50 30mg), and many other chainstores. Nothing like DXM - it's doesn't really do much by itself. It's more of a enhancer for X and cannabis. I took 200mg last night (6'11 150ish lbs) and smoked an hour and a half later (takes at least 1 hour for it to be released). Make sure you haven't ate anything in the past 3-4 hours to make sure you absorb it all.
  3. you're 6'11 and only weight 150lbs?

    you must look like an anorexic giant. :D

    you took about 7 pills right?
    how safe is it and what are the effects like?

    i have a really high tolerance to weed right now so would this stuff help?
  4. Hahahaha, 6'1'' is what I ment to say. Not sure of the safety, just don't be overdosing daily.

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