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5 highest paid pornstars

Discussion in 'General' started by fly1ngdutchman, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. 1.Jenna Jameson- what a shock

    2. Tera Patrick- “When I got into the industry, I made millions for everyone else. Now I make them for myself”, says Tera Patrick. And that wasn't an empty boast. Far from it. This former nurse is president, owner and lead star of Tera vision, a $30 million-plus company that produces 15 porn titles every year, selling more than 30,000 copies each. Sure beats having to change patients' bedpans for a job.

    3. Maria Takagi- This AV Idol is Japan's highest paid starlet. Takagi, a former teen pop singer, signed a deal with a Japanese porn company called Max A worth 300 million yen-roughly $2.6 million dollars. The contract, however, is for 30 films. Nevertheless, earning an average of more than $86,000 dollars per film isn't bad. Not bad at all.

    4. Houston- Famous for having sex non-stop with 620 men, this pornstar was said to have earned over $1 million in 1999, the same year she did that record-breaking gang bang. So I guess that roughly translates to $1612 per guy. Just kidding. On top of her video performances, she was earning $20,000 a week from strip club appearances. She also earned an estimated $10,000 for selling her labia (!), which was apparently sliced away in a vaginoplasty procedure, in an online auction. Ew.

    5. Hillary Scott- This cute pornstar once appeared on the Howard Stern radio show and declared her $1 million contract with sex z Pictures as “the largest porn contract in history”. The deal, however, is for four years, which means she'll pull in just an average of $250,000 a year. Not exactly the stuff of lifestyles of the rich and famous, but being guaranteed of such an income for the next four years, that is quite something for a relatively new porn sensation.

    Haven't herd of 3-5 and i only no Tera b/c i saw her on vh1
  2. Never got into the habbit or remembering porn stars names.
  3. i really like tera patrick
  4. tera patrick...and supreme
    she awesome
  5. tera dactyl
  6. I've never watched any of those porn stars. I just can't stand to watch a girl I know I will never, ever, ever have a chance with. I prefer amateur porn, the kinda stuff they take for their boyfriends that nobody else is supposed to see :p No stupidass stories, no lame as fuck acting, just some good ol bumpin uglies with the girl next door

  7. agreed 100%
  8. Word.

  9. you heard of #4 though...?
  10. Any Cytheria fans out there?
  11. i ment 3 through 5
  12. pffft porn is overrated

    unless u have the need and there's no girl around and your imagination just isn't as good as it used to be

    it just annoys me when i hear people talking porn like it's a regular movie

  13. Sometimes they are hilarious though. Gotta admit.
  14. porn is awesome

    for about 15 minutes
  15. i prefer reality porn. the acting is terrible but the storylines greatly enhance it for me...

    weird i know.

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